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Hello, How likely notice some things have Done. We are still preparing for the open beta. Soon it will finally happen. The release of the open beta.

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We want to look back:

  • In June 2012, it went off. The project Der Professor started as a text game.
  • In July 2012, it was the decision Der Professor as a First Person Shooter to develop.
  • On 11 July 2012 we launched the open alpha of Der Professor. It was just a multiplayer demo.
  • A month later, on 12 August 2012, there was the Alpha 0.2.0. HostelZ was shown for the first time.
  • After another month at the 27th September 2012 we released the last version of the Alpha. This was the conclusion of the Alpha. In addition to new content, there was also the whole content of the older versions.
  • Not even a month later launched the closed beta. The totally revised version of the launcher of the closed beta was only available for German speaking countries.
  • The first version of the closed beta has been updated several times and then on 12 January 2013, the version 0.2.0 of the closed beta has been released. There was the first time the map POWER STATION was shown. An English version now also released. From there already some ideas for the open beta have been collected.
  • The version 0.2.0 was updated a further 3 months. During this time, the second map came about. This map was called INDUSTRY.
  • - Future? -

Now we are working on the final version of the closed beta. Then we want to work toward open beta. We look forward to the future. We never thought that we work for half a year on the Closed Beta. But it was worth it! We wish you a lot of fun ... You are a wonderful community.

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