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There has been a lot going on behind the scenes for Escape the Room. Many more levels, and puzzles have been constructed. The final stages are upon us.

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The Rooms
There are a total of seven completed rooms for this mod, some of them longer than others. This amounts to at least twice the content of the last release.
The Story
There is a simple, but effective story in the works, to tie this project together. Voice actors have been chosen, the script is written. All that is left is the recording, and implementing in each map.
This may turn out to be a lengthy process, as every map must be scripted, re-compiled and tested. That aside, the end scene is not finalized.

The picture is from Hannibal, the main inspiration behind the villain.
A few lines are as follows:

"very good. It seems the child deserves a new crib"
"it appears even rats can escape faster than you"
"hear that? Me neither. It's the absence of your sanity"

To fully polish this mod will take at least another week of thorough work. Unfortunately, as it is exam week, I will not have the time required for at least two weeks.
Therefore, the release date I'm toying with is end of July.
However, if the community would like, I can compile a beta version of the mod. It would be stripped of the story and voice features, but would allow for some further feedback for the final release.

So, what will it be guys? Leave your comments below!


In my opinion, you should just release it fully when the time comes. Your puzzles themselves showed promise in the demo, so I wouldn't imagine it would be a problem.

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I agree, looking forward to release but if a Beta version was put out 2/3 weeks before I wouldn't play it, I'd rather just sit and wait for a finished version. Obviously if people come along and say they want it go for it because for those who don't play it, it won't effect them either way, but I doubt many people would really want to play a beta that close to an expected proper release for a single player mod.

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