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Here is the story.In the start i didnt putted much because i didnt haved time but here is all the story

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You was riding in a car on a bridge..When the bridge falled down!You try exit the car but you fail and you falled in the lake.Someone touch you...Someone want kill you..Someone want you dead..Who will want do it?In the story you will find much monster and different weaponfrom the normal half life 2 episode two.There will be a (for me)interesting story.How i sayed first this mod is being created so i dont got much ideas.I need a codder because i got a mapper(me) a scripter(me a bit and groxon and kronox(you can find it on steam))
The credits go all to groxon and kronox for help to make mod and be the scripter and help me with maps
(and some credit to team...:D)
I need some ideas so please comment down and the best things will be added in the game
i need help for
Weapon model.
If you got ideas for weapon model give meh..plz
Weapon sounds.
Give me site about some weapon sounds
Well is hard do map i need some ideas
And for final thing
Npc model
Npc sounds
If i will be accepted i will post the jail map

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