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this explains my story up until now. This will be updated when something else important happens

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Johnyboy1 was born on the rolling plains on Naboo. He had great schooling and many friends. At a early age (9) one of his friends trained him the ways of the dark side of the force. He later overpowered his master in a matter of 2 months. Later after finding a ancient jedi he turned to the light side of the force. After gathering his cousins and his brother he formed a jedi academy at his home at age 10. For many months he supported the jedi until he read the story of the great Revan. He then started to loose trust in the jedi and all but one of his apprentices (my brother) left to do greater things in life. His apprentice fell to the darkside and took his grand father as his apprentice. Johnyboy1 continued to clash alone and sometimes with his female cousin against his brother and his pa. When at the age of 11 Johnyboy1 got both to turn back to the light side of the force. Later when wondering in space with his dreadnaught heavy cruiser at age 11, he stumbled over to Bakura and enslaved the locals to run his ship. As he continued his travels he stumbled upon the empire of the hand and joined making him the youngest admiral in the navy at age 11. He fought many battles with his buddies and joined the sith empire. He spent his time attacking the old republic, stealing credits, and training as a sith maruader. Just before the Yuuzhan Vong war he graduated as a complete sith maruader at age 11 and using his new skills fought even more. When the Yuuzhan vong war broke out he was committed to defending the galaxy. after 2 weeks the war was over resulting half the galaxy destroyed by the vong and the Omega red virus. After the war the GA was formed and people began to soon loose interest in his abilities. When he looked back and saw the horror of the omega red he created the new empire, a group committed for a new era of peace and order and to bring down the team that released the omega red virus and managed to declare himself emperor. He gained many members quickly with his ability to motivate people to a cause but later was betrayed when Ten10dix's spies almost destroyed his empire. He managed to flee the battle with a few of his top men back into the edge of the unknown regions. He completed a mechanical planet that had been in construction during his entire life and began building his fleet again. His empire had a huge number of planets and became a major faction. Later on the GA decided to reform to the galactic senate and he was invited to be in it.

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