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Still being in the beta phase we would like to show you some artworks while you testing the game and make comments!

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In this post I would like to present you the spaceships in the game starting with the ones you can maneuver by yourself.


Type: Living ship


This ship brings its crew safely and quickly to their destination.
Biomaterials in the form of numerous nerve tracts are located under the armored layer and allow direct communication.
It was equipped with weapons afterwards.


Type: Living ship


She is a biomechanoid transporter for prisoners. The pilot is an alien with tentacles. She protects her crew in every situation.


Type: Interpid class


This ship has been built to a high standard and has been built for various uses. These include combat and research interests.


Type: Dodge class


This V-shaped vessel has a central control cockpit and two backward-facing dues. An all-round view is always given to react visually in time.


Type: Corvette


This is a powerful ship with light armament.
It's fast and versatile. The laser trunk often leads to confusion among attackers.

Stay tuned - in the next article we will give you a look what planets, star systems and nebuals you can discover in Space Riot!

"So see you soon!"

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