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Haradrim building update, including most of the new buildings for Harad that will be in the mod in the next release.

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Another day, another update, this time, Haradrim Buildings;

Haradrim Citadel

The main citadel for Haradrim Castles. I wanted a big boomer for this one, and I got one!
The toughest and most durable citadels of all factions.

Haradrim Stable

The stables, inspired heavily by the arabic stables in AoE2. Rendering in Max, I can't get to show alphas, but this is how the fence looks in-game.

Haradrim Watchtower

And at last, the watchtower.. This is the weakest structure Harad has, being the only one that is entirely wooden. Ironically, it's just for defence.

And I've also got some in-game screenshots of the various buildings, including some that I haven't rendered.

NOTE; The camp-floor are yet to be replaced, and there won't be a Darkness spell in-game. And of course, there will be a visible archer when I sort out that bug on the Watchtower!

Haradrim Buildings Haradrim Buildings Haradrim Buildings Haradrim Buildings

Being an efficient guy, all are complete with destruction, buildup and idle animations! What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that Harad has, in theory, only 3 buildings left before all their structures are done! When taken into account that there was 8 only a month ago, that's pretty good progress!

That is all, thanks for reading,


Looks good so far. Keep it up!

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