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Incoming Message From The Sith Emperor- The Republic is Weak Now. Now is the Time To Lead the Attack! Do Not Hesitate and Show No Mercy!

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The Republic and the Seperatist have fought like weaklings. Now Is the Time To Strike! Kill All And any Jedi who do not give them selves to the true Dark Side. Kill Any Sith That Remain In The Galaxy. They Are Considered Weak For Following Just one Leader. We Have A Command Base. From Sith Emperor Down To Sith Master. Kill Any one Who Gets In Our Way!- Incoming Message From Sith Warship: My Lord The Fleet Is Ready To Jump Into Hyperspace. Good Commander, Start The Invasion! I Expect all Of Us To Fight To Take Korriban! Fight To Take Coraucant! Destroy The Republic, Destroy The Seperatist!, Destroy Any Sith Who Remain Who Get In our Way! Now is The Time For War!

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This Is going to be more of a story im creating. Next Up is Part 2 The Fall Of korriban. Who Will Win? The remaining Sith? Or The newly created Empire? (These Stories have No connection with the Sith Empire Group)

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