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Beginning Transmission From Sith Emperor. Location Dramund Kass, Sith Council Chambers. Attack On The Republic will Commence Soon. At Last We Will Have our Revenge! At Last We Will Control The Galaxy!

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At Last our Time Has Come. We Have Spied On The Republic For Over A Thousand Years. Now is the time to strike. The Jedi must all be exterminated. Coraucant Must Be Captured! Without Coraucant Republic Morale Will Be Low. We will destroy all Jedi Knights Young And Old. The old Republic will fall before our feet and tremble as their once mighty government falls before us!

Allow these seperatist to continue their war for a time. When both sides are extremely weak we will strike. Do Not hesitate and show no mercy to our foes. End transmission

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You will be seeing more of these in the future. It gives more realism to the clan i believe. It makes it more fun and interesting.

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