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Today The Sith Lords have decided to join the Galactic Senate and promote peace and justice through out the galaxy.

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Incoming Transmission:

Today the Sith Lords joined The Galactic Senate. Since the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong by the use of Omega Red Virus. Most people had been quite unhappy with the Galactic Alliance. This led to formation of the New Empire. Which only thought was to bring down the GA. Facing many defeats and having to fight spys such as Kamikazesniper. The New Empire wanted peace with the GA resulting to further chaos and the reveal of the GA's Corrupt Justice System. This led to a war that lasted anouther weak. Eventually Emperor_Johnyboy1 and one of his right hand men (Tharnis) believed Nagasadow42 was a spy. This led to one of the most vicious and corrupt trials ever seen in the Galaxy. Eventually Emperor_Johnyboy1 tried to sentence Nagasadow42 to prison. Unfortunately for him this led the Sith Fleet to rescue Nagasadow42. For they were not about to abondon their Emperor. Before Nagasadow42 reached Planet Sizzle on board a prison transport the sith fleet captured the transport killing the crew and releasing their Dark lord. The Fleet then retreated into the Unknown regions waiting for a perfect time to hit the New Empire with a vengeance. That was when Nagasadows defense contacted him offering help. He told Nagasadow that he was planning to reorganize the Galactic Alliance into the Galactc Senate.

And of course you know what happened after that. Anyway Naga_Sadow is the Senator and Anubis120 is the Representative. This is an ideal way to bring this group back to being active.

End Transmission

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The Galactic senate Has Fallen! The Sith Control Coruscant!

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i just love when my plans come to fruition lol

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