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The Century War is a submod for NTW The Great War mod. It focuses on an alternate version of the first world war if it was fought earlier and under different circumstances.

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The Century War is a submod for The Great War mod for Napoleon Total War. It is set in an alternate universe where America lost the Revolutionary War, Napoleon won Waterloo, and the Italian Unification never happened.

This is very much a work in progress and more of a passion project that I will work on when I can. I don't have a set release for this mod. It is done independently from the developers of NTW:TGW so I am working on it by myself. I will attempt regular development updates but no promises. Life has this neat way of turning solid plans into distant wishes so I may never fully complete this project but if you never start anything then you will never finish anything.

I pretty much have the lore figured out but if anybody has any cool ideas or uniform suggestions then I will gladly look into them. All help is welcome.

Cheers Y'all

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