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Everything you need to know about the New Galactic Empire

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The Galactic Empire

The New Galactic Empire spans the vast majority of the galaxy’s center. It encompasses nine entire sectors. The main seat of the Imperial Government is on Coruscant. It stands as the cornerstone of the entire economy of the Galactic Empire and is also serves as its political center by housing not only Imperial Senate but also the Imperial Palace, the home of the Emperor. The Imperial Military is now run from the Reckoning, a Super Star Destroyer and flagship to Supreme Commander Pao.

The Imperial Political System

The Imperial Government is a strict entity, relying on the Imperial Military to secure Law and Order and keep the Peace throughout the thousands of systems of the Galactic Empire. The Empire is ruled by the Emperor who holds complete power over the administration of the Imperial Government and Imperial Senate. He also controls the infamous Stormtrooper Corps, elite soldiers dedicated to serving the Emperor.

The position of Supreme Commander has recently been separated from the Emperor. The Supreme Commander has total control over the vast majority of the Imperial military, the only exceptions being the Stormtrooper Corps and Clone Legions. The Supreme Commander is granted a lot of independence and can dedicate themselves fully to the defense of the Empire.

However, the Empire is too vast to be administrated by the Emperor alone. Thus Imperial Moffs are assigned to each planet to act as governors it. Worlds with a scarce population are often grouped and ruled by a single Moff but only a Grand Moff may govern entire sectors and are responsible for its defenses, economics, infrastructure and the enforcement of Imperial policies. Grand Moffs are also responsible for keeping the lesser Moffs in line, and they are always granted a seat on the Emperor's council. There are always as many Grand Moffs as there are sectors within the Empire.

The Imperial Senate is the public's voice in the Imperial Government. Each planet may send several officials to represent the Imperial Population on their homeworld, the amount of officials dependent on the population of the planet. The Senate is presided over by the Chancellor, chosen and appointed personally by the Emperor. Issues and matters within the Empire are handled by the Chancellor, who will voice the concern of Imperial citizens to the Moff or Grand Moff in question.

The Imperial Government is almost immune to corruption and can respond to matters efficiently and quickly due to the forceful nature of the Imperial Government and the lack of a public institution delaying the decision making process.

The Imperial Economy

The Galactic Empire boasts the strongest internal economy in the galaxy, thanks to strict regulations imposed by the state. This allows the Empire to be largely self-sufficient, as it does not need to rely on outside trade for its survival.

However, it does not boast the best economy in the galaxy, even though it has the entire Core Worlds under its control. Trade and commerce within the Empire is below average due to the fact the Empire directly controls most external trading companies and forces anything that goes in or out to pay through harsh regulations and customs. Furthermore the majority of the resources are spent on the military, allowing less to go into infrastructure.

This economic situation provides both advantages and disadvantages. While it is almost immune to blockade and is completely self-sufficient, the loss of trade income, compared to factions such as the Federation, limits any potential growth in the economy. That being said, even in the most dire of economic crises the Empire will fare better than most other nations in the Galaxy due to this stable economy.

The Imperial Military

The Imperial Military is widely considered the most disciplined and professional entity in the galaxy. While other soldiers are encouraged to fight for money or power, Imperial soldiers are trained to fight for the ideals of the Empire and its Emperor. This loyalty is fanatical; all soldiers of the Empire would gladly pay the ultimate price to serve and protect the Empire, the people and the Emperor. Imperial loyalty and discipline is admired throughout the galaxy and rightfully feared among the enemies of the Galactic Empire.

Distinction and Honor are the hallmarks of the Imperial Navy. It holds a proud heritage, with only one major defeat in nearly twenty years of service, and many glorious victories to its name. This was the force that brought the Mandalorian Empire to its knees in the East, crushed the Remnants of the Galactic Alliance in the South and that defeated the traitorous Fel Empire to the North. The warships of the Imperial Navy are widely respected for their powerhouse design in providing overwhelming firepower and defense to battle which has allowed the Empire to cut a path through any and all enemies with great ease. Officers serving within the Navy are some of the galaxy’s finest minds, often highly decorated and experienced they will uphold the ideals of the Empire without hesitation.

Imperial Ground Forces consist of many lesser organizations but the three of the most major entities are the Imperial Army, the Stormtrooper Corps and the Clone Legions. The Imperial Army itself provides Imperial Troopers for policing services as well as battlefield support in the form of combat medics and technicians to name a few examples. Whilst not as fanatical or well trained as the more some other soldiers within the Empire, they remain highly dedicated and excel in making sure that Imperial polices are enforced. The Stormtrooper Corps is composed only the most skilled and dedicated Imperial citizens. Well-equipped and fanatically loyal to the Emperor, the Stormtroopers bring fear to the enemies of the Empire.

Imperial Astrography

The Empire currently spans 9 sectors, and controls the great majority of the Core Worlds.


Imperial Center is the political and economical center of the New Galactic Empire, housing the Imperial Palace, Imperial Senate and the largest and most wealthy Financial Center in the Empire, and the galaxy. It is governed by Grand Moff Zerrak Malo.

Kuat is the seat of the Imperial Military. It holds the Headquarters of Imperial Central Command, and is also responsible for the vast majority of military production. It is governed by Grand Moff Nydo Karrim.

Corellia is the second most important economical center due to the vast trade it receives. It is the only sector that receives above average trade income apart from the Imperial Center. It is governed by Grand Moff Coren Kain.

Fondor is the second most important military center, the vast shipyards repairing most Imperial fleets and the large supply centers make sure forces on the front stay well equipped and any vehicles quickly repaired. It is governed by Grand Moff Amara Bionte.

Corsin is the Imperial's main fortress, situated near Mandalorian borders. Its job is to discourage any hostile action from the Mandalorians, but also serves as a minor supply base for Imperial forces stationed in the North. It is governed by Grand Moff Von Ardross.

Bilbringi and Bestine serve as repair yards, able to bring a fleet back to full strength, though would require additional resources and equipment to produce one. They are governed by Grand Moffs Gadon Void and Elayne Krytal respectively.

Albregado-Rae houses many Imperial research facilities, mainly concentrated on biological and medical research. It is governed by Anim Kroan.

Tanaab is where most testing is done for military equipment and prototypes. It is governed by Grand Moff Garm Cacete.

Imperial Foreign Policies and Diplomacy

The New Jedi Order


Status: Cold War

As integral allies of the Galactic Republic, any diplomatic relations with the Republic are shared with the Jedi.

The Mandalorian Clans

Status: Neutral

Although unofficially the Mandalorian Clans are neutral with the Empire, the factions both hold a distaste for the other born out of past confrontations. Neither faction has shown any official hostility to the other outside the Ruusan Conflict and both live in relative peace, though that may change at a moment's notice.

The Galactic Republic

Status: Cold War

The Galactic Republic and the New Galactic Empire have been at odds for nigh on 15 years. They are the main enemy of the Imperial Government and People, though peace reigns for now.

The Hutt Empire

Status: Cold War

The Empire has mostly ignored the activities of the Hutt Cartel. The Hutts are the complete opposite of what the Empire is trying to establish, and so no Alliance would ever be possible with them. Following the creation by the Hutts of 3 large Dreadnoughts and their destruction at the hands of the ISB, as well as an alliance between them and the Galactic Republic, a state of Cold War has been initiated.

The Chiss Ascendancy

Status: Defensive Alliance

The Chiss have led a quiet life, and cut themselves off from the rest of the Galaxy. However, due to their close proximity to Imperial Space, both factions realized negotiations were inevitable to stop war. Thus the Empire has good relations with the Chiss, though no official Alliance has been announced. However, both factions have agreed upon a defensive pact for now.

The Nexus Enclave

Logo 1

Status: Alliance

The Nexus Enclave and the Second Galactic Empire have joined together and formed the Artaxes Pact, becoming allies and moving towards stabilizing the Galactic North and Centre and promoting prosperity. Relations can at times be strained due to ideological differences but both factions recognize the benefits that the other brings to the table.

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