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The list of all animals that you'll see in the mod

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Prehistoric Expansion Pack Roster:
1. Paleozoic
-Dimetrodon (Texas/Morrison Formation B)
-Inostrancevia (Russia/Flaming Cliffs)
-Edaphosaurus (Texas/Morrison Formation B)
-Arthropleura (North America/Judith River A)
-Prionosuchus (Brazil/Morrison Formation A)
-Estemmenosuchus (Russia/Flaming Cliffs)

2. Mesozoic
-Desmatosuchus (Texas/Morrison Formation B)
-Liliensternus (Dilophosaurus) (Germany/Flaming Cliffs)
-Apatosaurus (Camarasaurus) (Colorado/Hell Creek A)
-Simosuchus (Acrocantosaurus) (Madagascar/Chenini)
-Miragaia (Kentrosaurus) (Portugal/Flaming Cliffs)
-Sauroposeidon (Brachiosaurus) (Oklahoma/Morrison Formation B)
-Tsintaosaurus (Corythosaurus) (China/Flaming Cliffs)
-Oviraptor (Mongolia/Flaming Cliffs)
-Gigantoraptor (Gallimimus) (Mongolia/Flaming Cliffs)

3. Cenozoic
-Titanoboa (Carcharodontosaurus) (Colombia/Morrison Formation B)
-Woolly Mammoth (Alaska/Judith River A)
-Elasmotherium (Torosaurus) (Eurasia/Flaming Cliffs)
-Indricotherium (Eurasia/Flaming Cliffs)
-Andrewsarchus (Mongolia/Flaming Cliffs)
-Lepticidium (Dryosaurus) (Europe/Flaming Cliffs)
-Smilodon (Americas/Judith River B)
-Gastornis (Homalocephale) (North America/Hell Creek B)
-Macrauchenia (South America/Morrison Formation B)
-Meiolania (Ouranosaurus) (Australia/Chenini)

4. JPOG Dinosaurs returning but redone
-Tyrannosaurus Rex

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