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Retchid a game inspired by classics like Doom 3 has a new Demo out now to play. Traverse through atmospheric, immersive, a non-linear level, discover secrets, read PDAs, and most importantly, don't get killed.

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About the Demo

Retchid is a methodical, atmospheric shooter inspired by shooters from the early 2000's set on Jupiter's moon Titan. While mining for various minerals the TEC has discovered some old ruins beneath surface. Unfortunately all communication was lost, so you, a service technician flew out from Earth to Titan to inspect what's going on, probably a broken satellite......

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The Demo is an Alpha Work In Progress, includes a remixed version of E1M2 - Maintenance Facility, a place where machinery is repaired and the Rovers are maintained. Retchid's Level Design is designed to be non-linear, no guidance, harking back to more traditional Level Design found in the mid to late 90s games. There's plenty of side areas, secrets and some puzzles to solve.

We've included 5 weapons for you to dismember or gib enemies with:

  • TEC-Tazer - A mid ranged electric zap, can hold for a charge to hit multiple objects.
  • TEC-SMG - Mass produced weapon the TEC-Sec guards use.
  • Combat Shotgun - These were brought in after the ruins were discovered to increase security measures, includes a stun light to daze non-compliant TEC employees.
  • Rocket Launcher - Used by the engineers down in the mines to blast away hard rock
  • Methane Rifle - Designed by the leading heads of the TEC-SciTech division. harnesses processed methane in to hot plasma balls.


Some of the enemies in Retchid are a bit more mobile, they like to reposition, dodge and weave your gun fire and will try and flank your position if possible, but not always. In the Demo you will encounter 6 archetypes(with a few variations on some of the human enemies):

TEC Melee and Pistol Humans - slowly being corrupted, but still maintain some humanity.... the meddling of Eldritch and Human DNA wasn't meant to be.
TEC-Sec guards - With stronger fortitude than regular TEC employees they carry out their training against anything they feel is a threat.
Chaos Mutants - when the DNA infusion in to Humans doesn't devolve in to a moldy growth they mutate in to a mid ranged Melee horror, rumors are they continue to evolve further.....
Destructor - Front line units from the Abyss. Strong, agile, can close in fast with a Sword or blast away with it's cannonball blunderbuss.
Abyss Stalker - Small flying units that will hunt you down from the air, highly mobile.
Mi-Go - Unknown capabilities.

Check out the Demo Trailer here:


Please let us know what you think!
Thanks for reading - FBS Team.

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