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Welcom welcom... I have finaly got my lazy ass in gear and decided to post the games alpha :) well its been almost 3 months since i worked even a tiny bit on this game so everything is unfinished and almost nothing works right... The bugs list isnt to bad and the game runs fine with no issues or code error... The sorce code is in there so please just give credit where credit is due if anyone uses my code as a base code or decides to remake the game... The server has been changed so it dosnt run.

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Hey everyone ;)

The release is here and i just wanted you all to know that this is an alpha and the game is NO LONGER in development...

there is 2 months of work in the engine and to get everything set up... but not all hope is lost for this game ! ;) me and a friend of mine where thinking of reserecting this game from the depths and bring it back in a new way... but this is a few months down the road seeing as how i have HALO LUA to work on...

NOTE: Apache server has been changed to run on Halo LUA insted of stick man 1.1.5

NOTE: Story line is basic and not finished and the game isnt up to speed... This release is about 1 moth behind what i was going to release before my computer crashed...

Here ya go!!! :)
Mega upload link:


awesome man!!

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