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a list of races many still unamed but this is just some of their major triats

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T.E.F is a military and colony based entity it is the first and last line of defence of the outer worlds and the major milatary power for the core worlds. featuring a mix of advanced rail guns and top of the line shields the T.E.F is a small but effective fleet.

focuses on long range tactical combat with a small number of durable and generaly fast ships tends to play better on the defence but is still capable of attacking the enemy with frigate skirmishers and Longbow support.

U.C.I is a seperatist group originaly a group of outer colonies this group has grown to a major power controlling a large sector of rich space. having only been an independant power for a short time the U.C.I has not had time to develop its own advanced technology and insted must mostly make do with what they have available raw materials, therefore U.C.I ships tend to be heavily armoured and use mass driver and missle pods both of which are crude but effective. without advanced technology they must also make do with the last generation of engines meaning their ships have a tendancy to be slow.

U.C.I focuses on short range blood baths preffering to get in close with their frigates disrupting enemy formations whilst their much slower Brawler counterparts close in to finish their foe off. this race tends to play better on the attack defence being difficult due to the lack of long range weapons.

The Swarm. very little is know about the swarm, at the end of the 25th century outer colonies began reporting strange shapes apearing then quickly disapearing. this didn't worry the T.E.F until about a year later they lost contact with all those colonies almost simultaneously, putting it down to a large nomad raid small battlegroups were dispatched. these small groups where unprepared for the swarms of bioorganic ships that swarmed them the second they entered the system. premliminary reports by these ships indicated that the worlds below had been changed into spawing pits for these monsters. The swarm continues a slow but steady advance through the outer colonies the T.E.F fears that soon they will be a serious threat and hopes that they will be prepared.

as the name suggests the swarm tends to focus on yep you guessed it swarm tactics with huge numbers of weak cheap ships which individualy may not put up much fight but in a large fleet they are devastating. Swarm fleets also tend to have Hiveships at their back which either sit back and spew out more ships or get in close and devestate enemy fleets. the swarm works surprisingly well on both attack and defence simply sending wave upon wave of ships at the enemy until there is either no swarm ships left or no enemy.

the other three races and the nomads will be detailed more some other time

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