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A summary of what I've done so far.

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  • Arena Night Map Restored. The Day map will not be restored due to camera glitches
  • Test City Night Map Restored.
  • Moon and Sun Icons Restored for City Select.


  • Test City Day. Won't be hard at all.
  • Find a way to reinsert Kiryu, however, I'm having difficulties with this one. :\
  • Melee Mode 1 Player, basically this will let you play Melee mode without the use of other controllers.
  • Super X III, like Kiryu, I'm having difficulties restoring it.
  • "Protoville", crashes at the moment
  • "Mothership Day", see above

Possible Addons:

  • The NES Mod seen here:
  • The Ghost Mod seen here:
  • Burning Godzilla Skin for Godzilla 90s
  • Gigan 2004 Skin
  • Trendmasters Style Kaiju
  • Mothra Leo for the Mothra Airstrike
  • Godzilla 1989 with improved Spines
  • New Maps, if I can figure out the file format. Keep in mind these would be small maps and that they *may* have to replace maps currently in game.
  • HD Texture Mod...?
  • Legendary Godzilla?
  • More that's not worth listing right now
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