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Ok here are the plans under this game there will be 5+ games

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OK the download you can all see is a very very basic version of my maze game, which is going to be the first to be put here

Ok i know it looks fucked up but its just to show you the basic idea, i going to be using my friends avatars for all of my games not just this one, as players bad guys and towers and tanks
and i know the paths are fucked up shh

The controls are soon i don't have a help page yet for the game

w = frontwards
a= left
d= right
s = down

Also your goal is to get to my avatar xD
some things give you points like running into Rwr will give you 20 Points and change your person to Rwrs avatar, and running into shithappens avatar will give you 50 points (cos we are gay lovers LMFAO joke) and change your avatar to his

Watch out for Mr.Tanka's, Warlock_23, and Geth avatars as they will kill you xD and send you back to the start (more to be added later)

The other games that will be here is

A plat former game same basic idea as the maze game you will be other peoples avatars
A Td game, this will come in two versions, a avatar versions, and a Nz vs Aussies versions
A FPS game same as the maze game you are a some ones avatar from moddb and you gota kill other avatars on moddb and save others
And a RTS game which will come in two versions again a Moddb one and a Nz vs Aussie one (may all so have fiji in there xD)

More avatars and better levels coming to the maze game soons

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