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"The Outside: Uncertain Reailty "is a Action-RPG 2D sandbox, in wich you are Ixten who wakes with amnesia in a kind of medieval town totally walled, without entry and where everything seems strange.

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The Outside: Uncertain Reality

The Outside is a 2d sandbox ARPG videogame focus on mystery, where you embody Ixten, who wakes up with amnesia in a sort of, completely walled and without any door, medieval village.

What differences us from other games of the same genre, is that we do not include a class or experience system, instead we replacing it with an object and equipment-oriented system, also, we omit the missions and any maps, in order to emphasize the mystery and the actions to take discovers by the player.


The game starts when Ixten wakes up, with amnesia, in a village without entries. Through it we will guide him in his mission to unravel the secrets of the village, even though this could create friction to the inhabitants of it. Ixten will fight to discover the secrets behind the strange monsters within La Ciudad village through all its history; a Religion that guided them to La Ciudad and now command their behaviour; a Government who rather be behind the walls; a Caste of Wizards that suddenly disappeared; a Village who doesn’t know their origins and the mystery behind the four men that, like he, has arrived in a completely enigma situation.

We are currently in beta phase with 5 hours of game and 1 of the alternative ending, we’re working in the English translation, for now is only available in Spanish.


  • Item based skill system

  • Inventory menu

  • 4 Main weapons

  • 4 Secondary weapons

  • 5 Character skills

  • 6 Normal enemies

  • 2 Bosses

  • Allies NPC

  • 2 completed dungeons and 3 in progress

  • Main game map with multiple areas

  • NPC interaction menu

  • Commerce system

  • RPG-type dialogue system

  • Loot system

  • Job minigame

  • Game menu

  • 1 puzzle

  • Tittle menu

  • Original Music

  • Day and night system

  • Save system

  • Persistent World who changes accord to your actions

  • 5 hours of gameplay


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