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If from Moria, you have Mithril Armor The Misty Mountains has been awaken! Drums, drums in the deep...

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A great evil has been disturbed, a great evil in the dark mines of Moria which was once a great dwarven city rich of Mithril, Khazad dum!

Drums, drums in the deep...

Azog (Will change based on year): FREE

Orc Chieftain of MM (not Moria): FREE


Bert, Tom, and Bill: FREE FREE FREE

Moria Armored Giant (10):

Moria Armored Cave Troll (29):

Troll Tamer:

Mountain Giant:

Moria Warg Rider:

Warg Rider:

Cave Troll:

Wild Warg:

Moria Heavy Goblin Archer:

Moria Heavy Goblin Swordsmen:

Moria Orc Archer:

Moria Orc Swordsmen:

Moria Orc Spearmen:

Orc Archer:

Javelin Orc:

Orc Swordsmen:

Orc Warrior:

Orc Spearmen:

Orc Snaga:

Tover87 - - 3,181 comments

"We have sealed the gate. They have taken the 2nd hall and the corridor. There is no way out; drums drums, is all we hear. There is no way out. They Are coming!" Quoted from Gandalf as he spoke in the Mines of Moria from the book.

I have a hard time remembering and I don't have the book with me as I try to remember it. so its the best I can do for now. i'll check the book tommorow, since its easier; and I am going to watch the Third movie anyway. :P

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MorguLord - - 1,945 comments

You should count Bolg and Golfimbul as leaders

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French_Fry Author
French_Fry - - 2,510 comments

Yes that is why it is based on the year

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