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We've been busy tinkering away on SteamVerse and the website in our spare time and we felt that we simply had to get our online portal up and running, so here it is as well as a very brief news update.

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The Nightman Games website is now live, it's still quite basic but we're going to be updating it regularly with news updates and eventually a new design. SteamVerse will be getting it's own website in the next few days as well. We're also considering different uses for the site (Neronix wants to host his own Skyrim-based mod and fan site, so we're maybe going to be chucking that in somewhere).

SteamVerse is coming along slowly but surely, it seems every day we come up with a new idea that gives us a hundred new problems but hopefully we can soon show the game in a state which we're satisfied with.
I've been drawing up new races for the game as well as designing planets, admittedly it's quite a challenging task. For a game titled 'SteamVerse' there's quite a lot of varying styles planned but the main themes are going to be both Steam (Duh) and Cyber-punk themes.

To conclude, if you're reading this I'm very grateful and we will hopefully reward you with a game worth playing.


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