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As we are getting closer to the next update I wanted to share some info about it.

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Hello everyone,
as we are getting closer to the next update, which will be a big step forward, I wanted to give you some preview on it's contents.
As I mentioned a lot of times before we are getting a Class System, now this isn't like the RotU one or the COD4 one, I am talking about Skilltrees, Skillpoints and benefits resulting from them.
If you read the ModDB page you probably saw that I changed the Class part a few times, that is due to the fact that I couldn't make up my mind what kind of Classes would fit the best for RoZO. But now the time has come and I am finally set on the structure and the Classes.

1. How much Classes are there?
1) There will be three Classes, the Soldier, the Specialist and the Special Operator. (The names might change again) Each of the Classes will be divided in two Sub-Classes. Spending your first Skillpoint in on one of the Classes will give you your first weapons. All Classes will also get a Combat Knife.

2. Tell us more about the Soldier!

2) The Soldier is focused on Assault Rifle, Sub Machine Guns and Explosives, he can get C4 and the MK32 through his Skilltree. The Skilltree is divided into Assault and Armored, he starts with a M4A1 and a TAC .45. The Assault is focused on dealing more damage while the Armored is focused on sustaining more damage without dieing.

3. Tell us more about the Specialist!

3) The Specialist is focused on Light Machine Guns, Shotguns and Heavy Weapons, he can get Medikits, Ammo Boxes and the RPG through his Skilltree. The Skilltree is divided into Engineer and Medic, he starts with a FP6 and a Skorpion. The Medic is focused on providing medial supplies to the team while the Engineer is focused on providing technical supplies to the team.

4. Tell us more about the Special Operator!

4) The Special Operator is focused on Sniper and Marksman Rifle, Silenced Weapons and Melee combat, he can get Claymores and Bouncing Betties through his Skilltree. The Skilltree is divided into Assassin and Marksman, he starts with a L118A and a Skorpion. The Assassin is focused on stealth combat while the Marksman is focused on long range combat.

5. How many Classes can I have?
5) Without entering Prestige you will only be able to spend Skillpoints into one Skilltree at a time. For a fee you can reset all your Skillpoints and spend them in another one, however you will not get another set of weapons. At Prestige ten and twenty you will unlock a second and third Skilltree to spend Skillpoints in, however only one can be active.

6. Will my Skillpoints be lost when I enter Prestige?
7) Nope. You will keep all your Skillpoints during Prestige, to max out all Skilltrees you will need to reach the maximum Prestige Level of 25.

7. What about for example "Classic", do I get my stuff?
7) Yes, all gametypes will now give you your selected starting loadout, your abilities, etc.

8. Anything else that changes, related to the classes?
8) Actually yes, I'm probably going to change the weapons again, to give a more balanced count for each class. Also the "Classified" weapons from RoZO 0.5 will be back, this time earned for the classes respectively.

9. That's all? :(
9) Of course that is not it, it's just what I can tell more or less for sure. As mentioned in 8. I am going to change the weapons again, even though hopefully not to much there might be changes to the starting weapons for each class.

Feel free to post any related questions you have here, I will answer them as soon as I can.

There is another thing I also want to speak about, now that we get closer to the next update.
For RoZO 0.6 I set up a login system, that will be used on every official ranked server.

1. Uhh, what does that mean?
1) In order to play RoZO on a Ranked Server you will need to create an account, it's completely free and doesn't take long. Once you play you need to log onto that account, if you always play on the same server you shouldn't have to relog every time you play, so don't worry.

2. What are the advantages?

2) All your progress, like your level, kills, skills, ... are saved in a database and can be accessed from any RoZO Server. So for example if you play on our server you can carry over your progress once your Clan hosts a server. Also if you reinstall your game you just need to log onto your account again and your progress is all right there. Rank hacking is made a whole lot harder and furthermore we are going to host a website where you can look up your stats, your friends stats (if they have their profile public), manage your account, etc.

3. Disadvantages?
3) Well yea we are probably going to have some disadvantages too. When you connect to a Ranked Server you have to fetch your online profile like in the more modern COD games. Also all Ranked Server have to have the latest update or at least a minimum version.

4. You are talking a lot about "Ranked Server", what is that?

4) A Ranked Server is a server on which you can gain ranks, that is basically it. To see the difference you need to know what other stuff there is. Aside from Ranked Server there will be Unranked Server. The main Reason for those is that you need a special COD4 server version and a plugin to gain access to the database with the player info but we still want everyone to have the opportunity to host a server and of course not to forget LAN or local games. While you will have your (last known) rank on any online Server you can't gain XP. On an Offline Server you won't have a rank at all but may get access to all items, however those won't be saved.

5. Does my account name have to be specific?

5) Other then that you can remember your name and password and a few limitations (e.g. no <>"), no. Also your account name won't be shown in game, the name you choose in the menu will apply.

6. Can I sign up yet?
6) If you want to sign up you can do it here. I strongly recommend doing it on the website, as you can not set you email, etc. in game and thus won't be able to get your password if you forget it. After signing up in game you can fill out the fields in the account management however. Oh but note that most of the website is still missing, also if you encounter any bugs please let me know.

Feel free to post any related questions you have here, I will answer them as soon as I can.


Very cool, I look forward to the next release.

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Nice :)
But one thing I need to ask about, are ranked servers closed for legit players only? My key is cracked so..

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3aGl3 Author

That will depend on the one who hosts the server. Our server will allow any Key just like it does right now, however I know that some people/clans/communities prefer non cracked players only as most hackers use a cracked Key so they don't get their own banned.

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I like this update.

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when u want to play alone with zombies in a server(which anyone can join) u need to login in the account?

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3aGl3 Author

Games on your PC will always be unranked and therefor won't require a login.

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