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The new Skills release had a lot of problems (most of which i fixed in 0.19.5) but it still had a huge problem, for some reason the potion that reduces your Fatigue did not add. so instead of releasing a very small patch, I got Allen to Finish Map 3, and I added it to the story. =)

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I am almost finished the next release, which i worked on over night, it will add 3 main areas
which are
[1] the Kings Castle and the Town
[2] Soar-Reach (Plays a big part in the story)
[3] a large area in which you have to walk back to the king
[4] OnRoot (Secret)

[1] the kings area is the place you go to directly after MAP 2 and is the MAP 3 Allen was
working on. it includes a large town. and the castle itself.

[2] Soar-Reach is the first place where you fight a Complete BOSS monster he is VERY
hard to kill and gives you the quest item after you kill him.
HP: 50k MP:9999
ATTACK: 200 DEF: 180
SP: 195 AGI: 180
his attacks will remain secret =) but i will say, he has Vampirism

[3] this place has a graveyard in which zombies chase after you. that is the way you go,
when your returning to the king (also a good place to train if you do not think you are
ready for the BOSS battle. This area also includes another area to fish, a Fishing master
in the forest and a place where you can buy weapons, armor, Potions including the
Energy up potion (used to restore Energy for Skills) and if you miss having Drugs them to.

[4] OnRoot Is the area you go to after you speak to the king (after you get the Dragon-Fire


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