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Harvesters make an entrance. You can deploy these new player owned structures near an asteroid belt or wreckage and it will automatically collect the ore. Then simply pickup later with your cargo ship.

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MiningArrayGlowSo this the new "Mining Harvester" coming with the Version 4.8 update. Plant this baby right next to an asteroid belt, give it some power and fly away. Transport your ore back [ In Bulk ] to the station every 30-90 minutes depending on the type of harvester you use! Going to be a must have for any industrialist.

**WARNING** Harvesters are not secure, but we'll have deploy able turrets in the next update to protect your sectors.

To trade with the harvester, approach and click to open the trading interface.

Telnet Connection Required

You must telnet into a Harvester and command it to begin the mining process. To begin, type /telnet help in the chat window. Click here to view more information on the harvester startup procedure.

New Telnet Commands

  • Turn on Harvester: /telnet power {Harvester ID}
  • Set Harvester Target: /telnet target {Target ID} {Harvester ID}
  • Activate Harvester: /telnet activate {Harvester ID}
  • Get Harvester Status: /telnet status {Harvester ID}

Find a bug? Have a New idea? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.


-Edward "Taurian" Melville

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