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Hi we would like to inform every one that we now have a new forum as the other one was getting cluttered and this one was made by Owex. The link to the site is Home page to Argus. We also would like to thanks everybody who is supporting us in makeing this game a reality. 12-12-13 I would like to inform you guys that Owex our lead npc desginer left us and took all his models with (Yes that includes Heathcliff) So we are now looking for a new npc/player character desginer!

blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

You should make newer news a little bit more distinct than the ones from before.
How many models did Owex did besides Heatcliff?

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Akira_Shaga1 Author
Akira_Shaga1 - - 237 comments

a few swords i belive though none was posted in pics yet

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SAOlover - - 25 comments

Why did he go ... We want the game soon ...

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HellFyreKurayami - - 3 comments

out of curiosity what program are/were you guys using for NPC's. Im interested in taking on the part, i just need to familiarize with the program before actually making a decision

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Akira_Shaga1 Author
Akira_Shaga1 - - 237 comments

mudbox, Makehuman, 3d max

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Guest - - 693,319 comments

this is going to be epic keep up the good work. just found this today and watched the show a few days ago,the whole time i was like i want to play and then i found this :)

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Uoruta-fenikkuso - - 227 comments

ok, so these are compatable with cryengine correct? If so I am learning how to use it proficiantly, so I will be able to help soon(ish)

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Akira_Shaga1 Author
Akira_Shaga1 - - 237 comments

yeah they are compatable

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Tyler2014 - - 2 comments

When will the beta be up and available, and what will be the req. to fill the beta-tester spots?

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firegrim30 - - 2 comments

Hey was looking around to see if anyone had made an auctual game for sword art online and this is the best thing to pop up. I really enjoy the fact that we have some fans of the show make this game a reality and I really appreciate it that you guys are doing this, I myself just started getting into game making because of the show and just wanted to let you know how great I think it is that you guys are doing this. hope that you get it finished without many complications, that its just as good has the show, and everybody will enjoy it! keep it up im dying to play it, hope I can beta test! :3

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lightingblade. - - 8 comments

oh so this isnt dead yet yay i whould like to help but how good u want the desghners to be?

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