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before i summarize the article Kamikaze may doctor the article up if he wants to. This is The New Empire's history from start to current. note that this will update as history is made.

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EDIT: KamikazeSniper speaking: LET THE DOCTORING BEGIN!!!

The New Empire started out as a vision to the Sith Darth_Johnyboy1. When the Yuuzhan Vong war ended, he made a trip to the unknown regions to explore new space and to bring help to the Galactic Alliance and for his ambitious project, Pizza Castle. After exploring deep into the unknown regions, he found an odd planet called planet Sizzle. The locals swore loyalty after he demonstrated his power. He found their technology unique. They used electricity to power their guns which shot out powerful jolts of electricity. Same thing with their cruisers. He then ordered them to construct a Pizza Castle in the Unknown Regions on a planet called Nethia. Johnyboy1 setup a fake one to take to the known galaxy. After Sith Inquisitor Ten10dix and the Galactic Alliance ordered him to face trial and to give up Pizza Castle and most of his resources, he fled with the Galactic Alliance behind him. While fleeing, his brother Rocko7 was using the force to increase speed on production to the 13459875034 advance workers. There were 1000000 construction droids aiding the process all provided by Nethia, Sizzle and 2 other highly populated planets.

Once Johnyboy1 made it to Sizzle he started The New Empire. He had recruits coming in fast. The top men among these were Tharnis, ghost59, Dreadnaught93, and KamikazeSniper. The New Empire then started to conduct raids and eventually made a daring move. He ordered ghost59 to infiltrate Fondor, Capital of the Galactic Alliance and he succeeded. Unfortunately when ghost arrived the Galactic Alliance somehow had packed up the shipyards and evacuated the major people from Fondor. All ghost59 could accomplish in these conditions was to wreak havoc on civilian homes and buildings while the Galactic Alliance left them. During ghost's return trip to Sizzle, KamikazeSniper told most of the men in the New Empire, including the top ranking admirals, and fleet commanders, to prepare their ships for an assault on AK151's shipyards, a high value target due to the fact that AK151 created many of the ships in the Galactic Alliance fleet.

Prior to this battle, KamikazeSniper had given Johnyboy1 the plans for advanced fighter bombers used by AK151's fleets, which possessed ships superior to any others and were therefore extremely valuable. Also, Johnyboy1 authorized Kamikaze to place mass driver cannons, claimed to be capable of launching projectiles at velocities exceeding the speed of light. Johnyboy1 also commissioned a massive fleet for Kamikaze, including three superlaser bearing warships. Along with this, Dreadnaught93 gave Johnyboy1 plans for the Vernichtung, a Sith superweapon used in the Sith-Republic war. It was a devestating ship, equipped with powerful ion cannons capable of disabling a planet, infused with the power of the Dark Side. Johnyboy1 began mass producing these beasts, prepared to use them to bring ruin to the Galactic Alliance fleets.

As soon as the fleets jumped in, they were beset upon by Galactic Alliance warships. A shipyard was nowhere to be seen. It was a trap. The weapons on the New Empire ships detonated with the power of a multi-gigaton nuclear bomb, and the Vernichtung models exploded, as the plans Dreadnaught had provided had a major flaw that caused a massive chain reaction whenever the ship tried to fire it's weapons, causing a massive explosion. The New Empire fleet was crippled. Kamikaze's fleet stayed behind, and the fleet turned on Pizza Castle, boring it with superlasers capable of leveling the surface of a planet. With most of the fleet in ruin, the New Empire went into hiding, with the true Pizza Castle complete and beginning to produce warships.

After a few weeks of rebuilding, KamikazeSniper contacted Johnyboy1 with a message:

Look, I know you don't trust me, but allow me to speak. When I first saw your Empire, I was sure it was going to fail. I wanted it dead, mainly to brag about it to my friends and enemies, and to increase my standing with the Sith. But as I destroyed the majority of your fleets, you were able to weasel out of complete destruction and survive, and no matter how many roadblocks I put in your way, telling you that your fleets were destroyed, you continued to grow into a force that is a threat to the Galactic Alliance. I have told the Alliance I am trying once again to infiltrate your ranks. And in doing so, I have gained a great amount of trust. I know you have a spy problem, and I think I can help you. You know how intelligent I am. I infiltrated your Empire from the very start, engineering it's downfall. You need someone with that sort of intellect. Even if you've already got someone of the like, it would be in your best interests to have another. I did what I did for my own personal gain, not for any Alliance. I care nothing for them, but at the time they seemed like the dominant power. You could consider it a "test" for your Empire, to see if you had what it takes to persevere and overcome the obstacles in your way. You passed with flying colors and have proven yourselves far more capable than the Alliance ever predicted. Please, allow me to rejoin you. You don't have to let me anywhere near you. I can offer you advice from a distance. You don't even have to listen to me. Just let me be a part of what is quickly becoming one of the stronger Star Wars groups on Mod DB. That is all.

Surprisingly, Johnyboy1 reaccepted him and once again was a high ranking official. The new Empire was growing quickly and became so powerful that they had 1/7 of the Unknown Regions. Then one day, Darth_Ten10dix contacted me about a deal. I accepted and he asked for us to join the Galactic Senate, composed of the old Galactic Alliance. Every thing was going well until Johnyboy1 felt a disturbance. He contacted his masters about it and the Jedi told him that they were prepared if the Sith were going to use a mastermind plan to take over the galaxy. Still worried, Johnyboy1 went to the unknown regions to prep his fleet. Turns out that the Jedi were wrong and lost the battle and the Sith Empire took over most of the galaxy. Johnyboy1, in secret, took his private fleet to Mon Calamari and retook the planet from the clutches of the Sith. He then formed The Imperial cult to train top notch Jedi and Sith to fight the Sith threat.

Later on, Johnyboy1 had a official TNE election to decide the new TNE Emperor. Tharnis happened to win the election and was appointed Emperor. Finding out that Tharnis was abusing his power and was acting like a jerk, Johnyboy1 gathered a few loyaltists and founded the New Empire Loyaltists, a fragment of the old TNE. To act civilized, Tharnis and Johnyboy1 negotiated and agreed that the NE loyalists would get Sizzle and Nethia and Tharnis would get the 100 remaining planets. Unfortunatly for Tharnis, he dismantled Pizza castle, greatly reducing ship production while Johnyboy1 launched another project called Med Tech. Med Tech was a large space station with light defense but many chambers for Spaarti cylinders which were used to create clones based on the NE Loyalists DNA. Some of the clones were personally trained by the host if they wanted personal servants.

A few weeks passed, and Johnyboy1 began to loose faith in the Jedi Order because of Headhunter and Tharnis. He talked to the famous Sith Lord Darth^Xerstorung to train under him and the Sith Lord accepted. As of that event, the NE loyalists served the Sith Empire to crush the pathetic Army of Light, a Jedi splinter group. Feeling accomplished, Johnyboy1 sent out his best clone, JohnyboyX1 to scout out Unknown Regions on the other side of the galaxy.

While at training, his minor faction TNEL had been growing in ships. He then responded to a call from Xerstorung to attack Kashyyyk. With his sith brothers, they ravaged the planet. Rocko7 then came and left observing the damage. At Kashyyyk, Johnyboy1 had captured Emily_Ta_Chume ,aka Titaly winks, and had interrogated her. She was released when Headhunter had traded himself just so she could be free.
-OK, I guess that until something else happens, to be continued......

-Current Emperor Johnyboy1
Edited by: Emperor Johnyboy1
Edited by: Kamikazesniper

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Chuck Norris and Achmed, the Dead Terrorist aprove this! So dont **** with us!

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Hmm interesting including since you thought I was a spy. I was no spy yet you insist on it. Prepare Johnyboy for I will return the favor to you one day. I was not part of this historical record that you put together because it will scare others away. I was there at the battle of Fondor. Anyone who wants the true story PM me i'll share with you a different account of what actually took place.

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