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After the depressing tone of the last news post, I declare it is time for celebration! The Clones of War is back on track! A lot of time has been lost and when school starts again, I fear I can’t commit myself as much to the project as I would want to. So before that happens, we need to lighten the workload, and we’ll do that by making it heavier!

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First off, to clarify my last news post, I hereby firmly state that the project is NOT DEAD and in fact, about to enter a new wave of development and prosperity! I thank you for your supportive comments, they are appreciated! I can assure you that after all that has happened I finally feel ready to move on and I want nothing else! Release this mod, we must!

So what is the Clones of War, anyway?

This project started as a little addon. A simple test, if you were. Since then, it has grown into something... substantially larger. Mostly under wraps and among a lot of chaos. In essence, I hope to one day go to a film academy and learn film-making! To this end, the project had changed from purely a total conversion of a game into what I regard as a learning experience, namely to practice directing. To craft an experience that will make one feel as if the characters and vehicles of the films had walked into their toy box for the player to play with. And of course, to battle other players online with and feel part of the epic Clone Wars. So I've always tried to keep the presentation authentic and to emulate that feel of the movies and to make you, the Star Wars fan, swoon.

This is also a reason why many of the models showcased so far, except for the fact that we are making this for a real-time tactics game and it just works performance-wise, are pretty low-poly. This entire project is built on nostalgia, and I hope the lower poly models help bring you back to playing games like Star Wars: The Clone Wars on PS2, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter or Republic Commando or any of the many fun games that our beloved now-shut down LucasArts and auxiliaries have brought us over the years. But! One can go too far and on a few occasions that may have been the case. I try hard to strike that balance between low-poly and recognizability!

So where will the Clones of War end?

It will end in your hands, of course! Or on your hard drive, at least! But only when its perfect and it represents a level of quality and authenticity that will put a smile on your face as you play it and remind you why you love Star Wars.

I would also like to reveal something I've been working on for the past months whenever I had some time. I love writing and designing and I love Star Wars. So some time ago, I tried to combine these interests into a side project that might end up joining with The Clones of War. The animatics will speak for themselves. Please let me know what you think and if you would like to see something like this included with the mod! Your feedback is always appreciated!

Please note that:

- These are mere tests and preview renders.
- I'm definitely not among the best of animators!
- These are all concept animatics and are subject to change if I decide to pursue this.
- I LOVE doing this.

Announcing the Modeling Blitz
To usher in a new era of production, I officially announce the start of The Modeling Blitz. The Modeling Blitz is what it sounds like. It basically means that I will use most, if not all of my free time in this vacation, to model assets. As many assets as I can, to shorten the time it might take to make a playable beta release. Of course, units have priority, but we cannot forget environmental assets like working buildings, landmarks and clutter for the maps like new trees, civilian speeders to litter the maps for Dwarf Spider Droids to trip over (that was a joke, I can't actually get them to do that)!

Expect a weekly update detailing a unit from the canon universe or maybe newly-designed buildings that will appear in the mod and a description of how I see that unit in the lore, be it a specialized soldier, a weapon, a droid, a tank or anything, really, and further elaboration on how this unit will fit into The Clones of War's roster and the mod's depiction of the Clone Wars. I will also give insight into how these units are translated to be playable and balanced, while staying true to canon and the feel of the movies. In the end, the movies are law when it comes to canon. After the Modeling Blitz inevitably ends and we prepare for winter, we can focus on getting a playable beta out by focusing on balancing units and tweaking the overall gameplay into being more Star Wars-like. How long it might take to release a beta is anyone's guess, with whatever the future may hold.

Up next week, the first of these showcases and where every well-planned military campaign begins: The scout vehicles of the Clone Wars!

Nordique - - 263 comments

I remember when I tracked this mod a few years ago If I recall correctly . Never been a so active watcher to tell that your work was awesome , I even doubt that I wrote a single comment . But tonight I must tell you that I am more than happy to read that everything is now fine and that you keep developping this great mod . I am looking forward to play it in the future .

Best of luck to you and whoever help you making it .

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Beskamir - - 7,071 comments

so can we expect space combat as well or is this a ground only mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Morthon Author
Morthon - - 1,024 comments

It's something I definately want to explore in the future, but for now there are no plans to add space missions/maps.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Darth_Trog - - 10 comments

There will be no space combat as this is a Game engine problem. Planes simply will not do air to air actions consistently enough for this feature to be implemented either in a WWII setting or space setting. Perhaps a future developer will fix this and allow it to preform, but not for men or war or AS.

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Outbreak_MDB - - 601 comments

It's great to have you back Morthon. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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Awesomium - - 594 comments

The first video got blocked :( I really like your new approach to this mod, best of luck with the development!

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Morthon Author
Morthon - - 1,024 comments

Odd, is it still blocked? Does it say why it's being blocked?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Luthorian - - 1,428 comments

Copyrights from PEDL, SME and Warner Chappell.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Awesomium - - 594 comments

Yep, it seems that you used a copyrighted music theme. Perhaps you could reupload it, just without audio?

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Morthon Author
Morthon - - 1,024 comments

Ah yes, I used the Star Wars theme, as it an Opening crawl. I removed the audio (I think), so it should be accessible now.

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