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Hello everyone, i hope you like the mod. Its a skirmish map and you can use it for singelplayer & Co-op. if you put it in the right folder you can activate it in options/mods i will put the original mod on the site too, but it can be laggy because of the 510 soldiers soldiers running the beach XD

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Hello everyone, i hope you like the mod and thanks for downloading.
Its a skirmish map and you can use it for singelplayer & Co-op. If you had choose for the standard installation your game folder shut be here: C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Company\Men of War. Assault Squad\mods
Otherwise put it where you installed Men of war Assault squad.
You don't have the ''mod'' folder at the beginning so than you must make a map named '''mod'' in your men of war assault sqaud and put my mod there
after you put it there than you need to start the game and go to options and than mods and there you must activate the mod and press apply. and than my map shut be in the mission select screen.
i cant make it more clear than that and i test it myself and it works.
The only difference between the original and the updated one is that the original had allot more lcvp's and soldiers. if you have a slow running computer i recommend you download the updated one whichs has less lcvp's.
If the are any complains or questions you can always send me a message and i will awnser them shortly.

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