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Behold the Dane Axe, the most brutal weapon in the collection of Skallagrim. A simple but effective cutter. Heads will be rolling!

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Welcome Lords and Ladies

It's time for some progress. While the folks at Taleworlds are working hard on the game, some little progress is made on this mod. It's worth mentioning that while working on the axe I've also started working on the town guard side sword, which is one of my favorites out of his collection.

The Dane Axe - Two-handed War Axe

This axe is brutal! You only have to look at it and you will run away in fear. I imagine it making heads rolling already.

The blade is really thin, It was actually a quite interesting shape to make. the taper is very smooth towards the edge. Also the fitting of the blade on the shaft just feels so neat. The wooden shaft, of course, is almost teardrop shaped to assist in perfect edge alignment. No cut will be wasted when handling this baby. This build was a little simple to make, but still a lot of fun!

I hope you enjoyed that. Stay tuned for the town guard sword.

Greetings, Mr. EmjeR

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