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Hey guys sorry we haven't been on in a while, we got some kind of flu but we wanted to get this out.

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(At a certain time in the game ), your mentor makes major revelations that your mother was one of the grey people. and that your father was a human dragon rider , (if you choose an elf character , then your father was a elf dragon rider) and that the mentor is in fact, your grandfather.
This is the setting, your grandfather , your father and you as a baby were escaping Galbatorix's army , when you are ambushed in Spine. (This will tie in with the rumor from the first book that Galbatorix lost half his army in the Spine.) We are hoping to tie up several loose ends the books brought our attention to, but left hanging . We hope these will help the mod fit in better with the books and give life to the mod story, sort of a puzzle piece fitting into the larger story of the books. When your father married into the clan he was welcomed. and taught many things that no others in Alagaesia knew . Your Father was adept at all kinds of magic . He learned how to cast spells without having to speak the words. He was especially skilled at conjuring fire (You inherited this ability, by the way) and he was called "Grey blade" among the clan.}
Back to the story, at the sound of Galbatorix's approaching soldier, your father hands you and his sword to your grandfather and says, "Keep him(her) safe and teach him(her) the way of our people. Give him (her) the sword as his (her) inheritance." (We hope to have this as a flashback in cut scenes as the grandfather/mentor is revealing these things.)
The grandfather knows he must leave at once. He nods his head and says, (In the old language, with English subtitles) "Vel einradhin, un atra du evarinya ono varda, Hjarta Sonr." (Upon my word! And may the stars watch over you, Heart Son.)
A sad smile crosses the father's face and he replies, "S`e mor'ranr ono finna Hjarta Faheer!" (May you find peace, Heart Father!" The grandfather retreats deeper into the forest while the father turns to face his aggressors, his hands aglow with fire... (to be continued)

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Very nice! But I do have a few suggestions. I think you should be able to choose what your father had skill with. Although it won't say this in the text, if I remember correctly in the last book Nar Garzvog tells Eragon how an Urgal warrior led an army that wiped out half of Galb's army in the spine. It is a very good back story though and we could DEFINATELY do something useful with it! I also have an idea that during the cutscenes you could maybe take control of the characters instead of just watching.

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Templar: Excellent question and ideas, we hadn't thought of human control in the cut-scenes, and that would make it even better! This is a rough draft, and just Part 1 of the back story.
Will explain the details and connections better in the next part, which is coming soon.

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Cool story gi's!

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