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Read The Article below... It is important before you download the demo.

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I don't know what else to tell you guys, but to enjoy the demo part of the game! :D

*The game might be finished in December of 2016, I don't know the day, but the demo is here! I started this game in May but I have been slacking off with it. So I'm working on it and taking breaks. Pretty much I don't think this game will be done until May or June of next year, but December is my dead line. I really want to get it done but then, the ending will not be rushed! I take my time on things and I made the maps myself without using those built in already made maps!*

That is just to remind you again and if anything is copyrighted from this fan made game I will hunt you down and find you! Please do not upload this game anywhere else, I do not own the Louies or Tirras in the game, they both belong to Hudson Soft/Konami. If I catch you stealing this game and making it into an upload yourself, you will be reported!

You are very smart, try and make your own game. Use you time to do so if you want to upload a game so badly. Don't use mine to say that's it's yours! That's just a waste of the makers time and their efforts when creating the game, so again, do not upload this game at all! You can download it and play it, but do not upload it and claim that you own the Louies RPG!!! Thank you for understanding!

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