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Uploaded weapons and a screenshot from the new map.

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A screenshot from a new map:

A new map screenshot - a trasition

This is a transition between two sectors of the city - in one of them the protagonist of game lives, in other there is a trainstation where you should go, by the way you can buy something in the bar(or restaurant).

Weapon concept art:

Heavy Machine Gun Concept

This weapon is named "Heavy Machine Gun" A model:

Weapons WIP

Textures will appear soon.

Also, an acoutic rifle and an SMG:

Weapons WIPWeapons WIP

For other weapons, I'll do an AK-47 ,M4, MP5 and some others.

Also, an ingame screenshot of an another Machine Gun weapon:

A machine gun model ingame.

Model by Dmitry Kosarev. Will be also textured soon.
Thanks for your support and please track this game!

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