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The last ever update this game will ever have bringing good and bad news...

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Happy 4th of july the game will never finish!

Over the many hours I put into this game I was always looking forward to the wonderful day where I finished the game and it turns out to be one of the coolest games I have ever made and one of the coolest games the game-maker program has ever engined. To bad I will never see that day and you won't either. After a strange computer crash almost all of the files the game needed were deleted. The only files I have left are online but there is not nearly enough to get the game going again because they are just useless files such as headers , menu-screens, "concept art", etc. I have no intentions to recreate all of the many sprites I spent my hours on. But there still is hope for this game, It just might go 3D! I have been looking into the unity engine and I plan on learning how to use it and make the game all over again in 3d. This means I will need modelers, sound artists, texture artists, etc. But still, Keep your eyes peeled for there just might be a new moddb page for the new game.

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I'm still quite ****** about the game being deleted...

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oh wait my game got rejected.

Im gonna give one hint towards the new game: planets.

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