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Justice and the humanity... Justice is a living tree,if you wont water it then it will be dead. But Dead Tree can't give you it's fruit,So Guard it well...

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The Justice,It's older as Mankind... The Most people have a faith in justice.Someone seen the justice as sacred,Someone seen it as a people...
A people,The most necessary Resource for justice,Justice can live within a people,So A people is water for green tree of justice.Everybody same in eyes of justice,There is no nation for justice,There is only a people.If a People have offend,that a poeple already found it's justice,A pain along of run from it's offend,So The People will be in retribution of his mind,The judgement of idea,Faith,Hope and hate...

If a People ask the What's dominism,Then my answer would be 'The justice... It's you! ...And it's still growing in your mind.Dominism just a cap of the water for The Green Tree of Justice.'
Angel of justice
'Every Revolutions Started by An idea of The Justice...'

'Justice is sacred as a People,Guard it well.'

Thanks for Reading,You're brilliant and u know.Have a nice day!

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