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The Imperial Military - Protecting Peace, Maintaining Order and Delivering Justice.

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Military of the New Galactic Empire

The military of the Galactic Alliance have been reformed into the military machine of this New Galactic Empire. With enough volunteers for both the military and navies, there is complete order among the ranks and no defiance due to the fierce loyalty of Imperial citizens. These servicemen can be in some ways be considered to be the heart of the Empire. By their sacrifice, the Imperial citizens are kept safe and the laws kept.

The Imperial Army

Consisting of the Stormtrooper Corps, the Imperial Mechanized Group and the Army Honourguard Reservists the Empire has the most professional, disciplined and dedicated military in the galaxy. All recruits are zealous and dogmatic, convinced the ideals of the Empire are worth upholding to prevent anarchy in the galaxy and they will proudly die for the Emperor to protect the New Order.

Copperhead Probe Droid
Role: Spy, Recon

Arakyd probe droids were originally designed for use by the Galactic Empire. Arakyd modified their probots with military-level sensors and equipment, and marketed them as Copperhead probe droids. Copperhead probots in service with the Empire were upgraded under the direct supervision of Imperial High Command and the FEAR Unit, and featured a blaster cannon, a self-destruct mechanism and deflector shields.

Many thousands of the Imperial Copperhead probe droids were manufactured on Mechis III and later on Fondor. The Imperial Intelligence's Analysis Bureau also used them as remote surveillance droids posted largely in the Outer Rim Territories. In conflict zones, probots often worked alongside the Imperial Navy to monitor traffic and provide early warnings of attack. They could also be programmed to engage pursuit mode, whereupon the Copperhead would track an enemy vessel and report back on its location and destination. The probes are equipped with a dual function hyperdrive and sublight ring that could be detached in orbit above a planet, then reattached at the completion of a mission, allowing the probe to return to its initial launch point or travel onward to other locations. Upon destruction they will emit an encrypted databurst from a black box, they maintain a constant link through the Holonet and the loss of a Copperhead will not go unnoticed.

Role: Assault, Defense, Garrison, Soldier

"The clone troopers, now proudly bearing the honourable rank of Imperial Stormtroopers, have tackled the dangerous work of fighting our enemies on the front lines. Many have died in their devotion to the Empire. Imperial citizens would do well to remember their example."
-Lord Cronus

Named after the primary man at arms of the Original Galactic Empire from over a century ago. These Stormtroopers are absolutely and fanatically loyal to the Empire, its ideals and the Emperor himself of course. They obey commands without hesitation and are excellent soldiers, drilled to perfection and highly disciplined making them nearly unbreakable.

Stormtroopers are the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire. Like Star Destroyers and TIE fighters, stormtroopers served as ever present reminders of the absolute power of Emperor Palpatine. These faceless enforcers of the New Order were considered an extension of the Emperor's will, and thus they often used efficient yet usually unreasonable tactics as a way to keep thousands of star systems throughout the galaxy in line. At the height of the Empire, stormtroopers had effectively become symbols of major authority. With few exceptions, they were distinguished from all other military units by their signature white armor.

Purge Stormtrooper
Role: Assault, Garrison, Soldier, Shock

Equipped with glare reducing helmets, exceptionally heat-resistant armor and Ember flamethrowers; the Flametroopers, also known as Incinerator Troopers or Purge Troopers, were an elite specialized variant of Stormtrooper distinguished by their unique helmet visor.

Incinerator stormtroopers were sent on missions where an example needed to be made. They would march into settlements and burn them to the ground, leaving nothing standing. They did not hesitate to even ignite any bystanders that got in their reign of destruction. Although they usually relied on Ember flamethrowers to destroy their targets, it was not unusual for them to destroy their targets solely with thermobaric canisters and mortar launchers.

Shadow Stormtrooper
Role: Special Ops, Covert Ops, Intelligence, Raid

The Shadow Stormtroopers, also known as Blackhole Stormtroopers memory of Agent Blackhole and sometimes as simply Shadowtroopers, were specialized Imperial Stormtroopers. Their most distinguishing feature was their all-black armor—a stark contrast to the typical white armor common to other Stormtroopers that the armor otherwise strongly resembles. Their armor also incorporated meltmassif into the Shadow Stormtroopers for use when they would need to be disabled and reflect coating to lessen their heat signature.

The Shadow Stormtroopers acted as the personal Stormtrooper unit of the head of FEAR, but are known to cooperate with other Imperial officers if assigned to They frequently underwent special training in infiltration and ambush tactics, and were often assigned to extremely classified missions.

Imperial Commando
Role: Special Ops, Assault, Defence

An elite soldier of the Empire. Often working in groups of four commandos were assigned to carry out covert operations too delicate for regular Stormtroopers. Covert infiltration, sabotage, demolition and assassination were standard tasks for the Imperial commandos.

The Imperial commandos were trained in live-fire exercises, giving them a sense of the reality of combat long before the regular Stormtroopers. Anti-terrorist training was conducted in a building nicknamed the Killing House. Though many commandos failed to survive their exercises, the rest learned rapidly, allowing them to become better soldiers. The commandos also experienced near-death torture to train them in resisting interrogation, and many commandos were left mentally scarred from the experience.

Broadsword-class Repulsor Tank
Role: Support Unit, Assault Tank

The Broadsword-class was developed by Kuat Drive Yards to fulfil the need for a non-walker main battle tank and infantry support platform. The resulting MAVr A7 Broadsword is a versatile repulsortank.

Offensive-wise the Broadsword always comes with a single heavy laser cannon capable of tackling hostile armour of similar size or greater if supported by other combat platforms. The Broadsword can be equipped with rocket launch tubes and heavy flamethrowers.

Longsword-class Walker
Role: Support Unit, Artillery, Anti-Air

The KR88 Longsword-class Walker was developed Kuat Drive Yards to fulfil the need for a siege and anti-air platform. The resulting KR88 Broadsword is a versatile walker with good statistics all-round.

Offensive-wise the Longsword always comes with a single heavy turbolaser cannon capable of laying siege to all ground based facilities and combat platforms as well as combating aerial threats, in sufficient numbers Longswords can be extremely potent. Its range extends to 20 kilometers with a spotter or 10 kilometers with its rudimentary sensor and radar package.

All Terrain Scout Transport/advanced
Role: Reconnaissance, Patrol, Escort, Assault

The AT-ST/a is a complete redesign of the original AT-ST. It is more armored than its predecessors and most importantly, many of its stability issues have been resolved. It can transport up to ten troops, their weapons, and their gear. Large sliding hatches on the top of the vehicle allow passengers to use the walker as a mobile watchtower and even mount light repeaters to the railing there. The top of the walker can turn a full three-hundred and sixty degrees, even during forward movement. When stowed, the legs fold up close to the main body.

The All Terrain Scout Transport/advanced fulfils the role of a scout, armoured transport and combat walker. It is well-armoured and well-armed with a thick hull, two fixed medium laser cannons and chassis mounted blaster repeaters and grenade launchers. It is used in support of other units acting as walker cavalry, carrying troops to battle and carrying a large amount of firepower to combat hostiles or suppress resistance.

All Terrain Shock Enforcer/advanced
Role: Escort, Assault, Self-Propelled Artillery, Troop Transport, Mobile Command Post

The original All-Terrain Shock Enforcer was always an Imperial design but stolen by treacherous agents following the civil war, it ended up in Federation hands where it was glossed over in favour of original vehicles the civilians felt more comfortable around and found less oppressive. Once recovered the engineers at Kuat Drive Yards began to tinker with the original schematics and improved upon it on nearly every aspect.

The new All Terrain Shock Enforcer/advanced fills every roll in ground warfare nicely without truly ever excelling at all of them. It can transport troops much like the Scout Transport, it can act as artillery like the Longsword and even perform as a mobile command centre like the imposing Assault Transport. The All Terrain Shock Enforcer/advanced comes equipped with two medium laser cannons fixed to the front, three twin repeating blasters keep infantry at bay and single heavy mass driver mounted on top for anti-vehicular and artillery purposes.

All Terrain Armoured Transport/advanced
Role: Mobile Command Post, Troop Transport, Self-Propelled Artillery, Heavy Assault, Siege

"We had the Battle of Gormen won, until the AT-ATs arrived. They came out of the fog and ripped apart the front lines. The locals ran in terror, but the experienced soldiers surrendered. We knew that you can't outrun an AT-AT."

The AT-AT/a, or All Terrain Assault Transport/advanced, is one of the New Galactic Empire's most powerful machines of war and one of the largest ground assault vehicles in existence. It is a menacing hulk of armor and firepower, though it is slow moving and bulky.

It has reinforced armor at each of its traditionally vulnerable joints. When not in motion, the additional two legs attached at the middle section can extend outward and to the sides for increased stability, rendering cable attacks ineffective. When stowed for transport, the legs fold up close to the main body. The outer hull is layered with reinforced duraplast heavy armor plating and neutronium-impgregnated alusteel for the hull and superstructure underneath.

Atmospheric Assault Lander
Role: Transport and Troop Carrier

Designed by Sienar Fleet Systems, Atmospheric Assault Lander featured a disembarkation ramp in the front, and a bright spotlight above the ramp, to brighten the stormtroopers disembarking, and spread fear among their enemies as well as finding enemies in the dark. Located directly behind the searchlight there was a forward deflector augmenter and sensor array. On top of the craft located in the middle there was a troop compartment emergency hatch.

The cockpit was up near the stern and was positioned to maximize landing zone visibility, and was narrow enough that the pilot was required to stand when the lander was in operation. The transport was maneuvered by a single pilot, but could be controlled via consoles in the crew compartment below.

 alt=Tau-class Landing Craft
Role: Transport, Shuttle, Troop Carrier and Support Ship

With its folding wing configuration and matching cockpit module, the Tau-class landing craft was based on the Lambda-class, Sentinel-class and the Upsilon-class shuttles, both shuttles having seen design origins in the Theta-class shuttle. The Tau-class attempts to take the best features of all its predecessors. However, unlike its predecessor and its counterpart, the landing craft's exterior was encased in armor plating 25% heavier than the armor of a Lambda-class. The landing craft was also equipped with four deflector shield projectors. Despite its large size and heavy weight, the Sentinel-class was fast and agile due to its Cygnus HD7 engine array.

The vehicle's sensor suite, which was located in the cockpit, allowed navigation in nearly all conditions and featured infrared imaging, motion detectors, and life-form indicators. The vessel's computer also featured an automatic mapping function and a rudimentary autopilot that could pilot the vessel towards an Imperial garrison, starship, or homing beacon during emergencies, and included powerful communication arrays which enabled contact with all Imperial starships and garrisons within a given system.

In its standard configuration, a Tau-class could carry 80 stormtroopers and support equipment. When its seats were removed and it was converted to carrying supplies, it could transport several Broadswords, or even a few compact assault vehicles such as AT-ST/as or AT-SE/as. Its total cargo capacity was 300 metric tons. For insertion into a planet, a Tau carried a Class 1.0 hyperdrive. Tau were also used to deploy Marine landing forces onto enemy starships.

The landing craft's weapons load consisted of 2 blaster cannons, 2 concussion missile launchers and 1 twin medium turbolaser. Since the Tau-class was heavily armed, it also served as a combat support vehicle.

Upsilon-class Command Shuttle
Role: Transport, Private Transport, Command Shuttle

Designed by Sienar Fleet Systems, the Upsilon-class command shuttle was equipped with a Class 1.0 hyperdrive and a Class 8.0 backup, along with a navicomputer. It was also outfitted with twin laser cannons and could carry ten passengers in addition to a minimum crew of one. The shuttle was able to hold three months' worth of consumables, and it supported up to 200 tons of cargo. The vessel comes equipped with a HoloNet Transceiver, Subspace Communications Antenna and a Hyperwave Communications Scanner to monitor hostile communications and control allied units, orders can be transmitted in an instant.

A variant of the Upsilon-class was utilized by Emperor's personal bodyguards, the Royal Guard. Such craft were able to carry a maximum of three Predator-class starfighters but only thirty tons of cargo as a result of the decrease in available space. Painted in crimson, reminiscent of the color of the Guard's armor, the variant bore the Imperial crest on its ventral surface and wings. Only a highly decorated and high ranking ace pilot would be selected to fly in the personal shuttle of the Emperor, as such it was a tremendous honour.

Imperial Royal Guard
Role: Assault, Defence, Bodyguard, Elite

The Emperor's Royal Guard, sometimes referred to as the Imperial Royal Guard or Imperial Guard, was an elite unit of the Galactic Empire's armed forces tasked with the protection of the Emperor and whomever else was deemed in need of their protection. The exact number of Royal Guardsmen serving the Emperor was unknown, with speculations ranging from less than fifty to tens of thousands, although their numbers were estimated to be at least four hundred at any one point. Like the Stormtroopers of the Stormtrooper Corps, the Royal Guards formed a military unit independent of the Imperial Military and answered directly to the Emperor.

The Royal Guard are based out of a classified Imperial Royal Guard Academy. Candidates for tutelage under the Academy, picked from various units in the Imperial Military, underwent rigorous training programs designed to build a sense of extreme loyalty to the Emperor even beyond the norm of units like the Stormtroopers. Students are often being forced to kill each other in live combat. Guardsmen were trained in various forms of martial arts, including Echani. Guardsmen were commonly equipped with vibroswords and force pikes, in addition to heavy blaster pistols for ranged combat and beneath their crimson red robes they wear a powerful set of unrestrictive heavy armour which bore resemblance to Mandalorian armour.

A variant of the Upsilon-class was utilized by Emperor's personal bodyguards, the Royal Guard. Such craft were able to carry a maximum of three Supremacy-class starfighters but only thirty tons of cargo as a result of the decrease in available space. Painted in crimson, reminiscent of the color of the Guard's armor, the variant bore the Imperial crest on its ventral surface and upper wing.

The Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy was formed from the Galactic Alliance Navy, and as such was still under Naval Command. The Imperial Navy conducts itself by the Imperial Naval Code, a set of martial laws and regulations created to guide the massive military organization. With a crew initially made up of Clones but now the ranks are filled with fully loyal Imperial citizens, mutiny is non-existant and commanders of the individual vessels know that they have absolute full authority, next only to the Emperor himself.

Monarch-class Star Dreadnought

Role: Flagship, Command Ship, Carrier, Heavy Assault, Battleship

The Monarch dwarfs all previous dreadnoughts and is by far the most formidable, featuring thick, layered hull plating, an impressive armament, and twelve of the most powerful starship engines in existence. These engines allow the Sovereign to reach speeds as high as 60 MGLT, an incredible feat that no other dreadnought to date can match. Another aspect which makes the Monarch unique is that it is the first and only twenty kilometre warship in existence.

With over 5,000 turbolasers and other assorted weapons, this behemoth brings a lot of firepower. The Monarch brings 500 dual heavy turbolasers, 2,200 single heavy turbolasers and 2,400 regular turbolasers to battle and additionally is amred with 100 heavy ion cannons, 300 assault concussion missile tubes and 800 point defense laser cannons. Its hangar capacity is unmatched with storage space for up to twenty Starfighter wings, although usually it carries only six. Aside from firepower and durability the Monarch is also amazingly sophisticated. With powerful, long-scanners, a crystal-gravfield module and an advanced internal security system designed specifically for her and its smaller cousins.

Resurgent-class Star Destroyer
Role: Command Ship, Carrier, Invasion, Heavy Assault, Battleship

The Resurgent is built to fit the niche role of command ship and battlecruiser. Designed specifically to work in pairs and hunt other Star Destroyers with its heavy armament and twin-deployment strategy. The Resurgent can also act independently of the Navy and project Imperial authority wherever it goes with the combat units it carries, strikecraft establishing aerial superiority and the Resurgent threatening to level all resistence.

Powerful turbolaser batteries allowed for overloading enemy shields and punching through thick armor, along with orbital bombardments capable of reducing planetary surfaces to molten slag, their rate of fire increased due to Kyber Crystals mined from Ilum. Fitted with nearly 300 turbolasers and a carrying capacity for two Starfighter wings the Resurgent is in many ways similar to the Monarch, including its onboard systems which include some of the same internal security, scanners and crystal-gravfield module.

Triumphant-class Star Destroyer
Role: Command Ship, Carrier, Battleship, Invasion, Heavy Assault, Defense

The Triumphant was designed to prove the mentality of building pocket-sized warships wrong. Bigger is always better. No ship illustrates this as well as the Triumphant with nearly twice the firepower of previous Star Destroyers.

With 140 turbolasers, 60 being dual heavy, 40 ion cannons and 50 proton torpedo launchers the Triumphant was built to go head-to-head with enemy warships and not only match them but defeat them in a one on one match in a straight up slug. However, the Triumphant can can fulfil many roles. It can carry a single wing of Starfighters into combat and can spread 50 gravity mines over a large area to blockade, cover and control a large region of space. Much like the Resurgent a Triumphant can act alone without support and is frequently deployed to areas were a Resurgent would be overkill.

 alt=Dominion-class Star Destroyer
Role: Command Ship, Carrier, Battleship, Invasion, Assault, Defense, Escort, Support Ship

The Dominion is an escort cruiser that packs a serious punch. Designed as a light star destroyer yet fully capable of taking over the roles of larger warships on smaller scales or where deployment of actual star destroyers would be overkill. The Dominion has many features commonly found in its larger cousin and is fully capable of projecting Imperial rule to even the most distant of systems.

Essentially a compressed Triumphant with weapons and equipment to match, the Triumphant is armed with twenty dual heavy turbolasers, forty turbolasers and ion cannons and thirty proton torpedo launchers. It carries six strikecraft squadrons and ten gravity mines to blockade regions of space. The Dominion is commonly used to patrol systems, escort bigger warships or pacify remote regions.

Ardent-class Fast Frigate
Role: Raid, Interception, Patrol, Support Vessel

The Ardent-class frigate was about one-fourth the size of the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers and half the size of the Dominion-class Star Destroyer. They were designed for rapid responses and sacrificed both shielding and armor to increase their speed and weaponry. The class had a raised bridge section and three ion drives. They carried Atmospheric Assault Landers and Tau-class Imperial shuttles. In overall appearance, the arrowhead-shaped vessels were reminiscent of the century-old Acclamator-class.The frigate's weapons emplacements were reminiscent of past designs, with turbolaser batteries flanking the raised section on each side.

The fast frigates were used as quick-strike vehicles. A common Imperial tactic was to send several Ardent-class frigates into enemy picket lines to exploit weaknesses and open gaps for other warships. They depended on their impressive shields to allow them to survive. Despite them, they still suffered more damage than most ships in the fleet due to their aggressive tactics.

Raider-class Corvette
Role: Patrol, Escort, Starfighter Screening, Support Vessel

The Raider-class corvette was produced by starship construction company Kuat Drive Yards for the Galactic Empire's naval forces; its design was reminiscent of the dagger-shaped hulls of larger ships used by the Galactic Empire, such as the Triumphant-class Star Destroyer. The ship's hull, 150 meters in length, was largely colored gray, with black blade-like protrusions jutting out from the corvette's sides and bottom. The Raider-class was outfitted with multiple weapon hardpoints, including single turbolasers, ion cannon batteries, and dual heavy laser cannons—the latter weaponry proving more accurate against smaller fighters than turbolasers. Centralized command in the ship contributed to its success, and the Raider-class corvette was built to be durable. Acting in an anti-starfighter role found to be lacking in the Imperial fleet, the ship was designed to counter the Federation's starfighter tactics and operated succesfully in most deployments due to its long-ranged heavy weapons. A hyperdrive allowed the Raider-class to conduct hit-and-run missions as needed or be deployed to a crisis at a moment's notice.

Tribune-class Assault Ship
Role: Troop Carrier, Invasion, Heavy Transport

The Tribune-class Assault Ship is based on the much older Acclamator-class previously used in the Clone Wars by the Old Republic and currently used by the Federation. In effort to distance themselves and keep a viable means of transportation for its troops, the Empire commissioned Kuat to design a new transport for its legions. The resulting starship is more than capable of ferrying a large force of soldiers and equipment across the galaxy with ease whilst simultaneously defending itself from raiders, although it generally not advised to have it travel without escort.

The Tribune comes with ten quad turbolaser cannons, twenty point-defense laser cannons and seven proton torpedo launchers giving it a limited ability to fight off other warships. It is capable of atmospheric landings and use its weapons to aid in ground combat, provided there is no anti-air powerful enough to take it down.

Tribunes can carry a full legion and equipment, it has enough consumables to last five standard years. It can ferry ten AT-ATs, thirty AT-STs or AT-SEs, sixty Broadsword-class repulsor tanks, ten Longsword-class walkers and eighty shuttles such as the Atmospheric Assault Lander or the Tau-class Landing Craft. When not transporting the Empire's armies across the stars a Tribune can act as a supply ship or bring two JN-566 -class "Mediator" modular garrisons.

TIE Supremacy-class Starfighter
Role: Assault, Defence, Interception, Patrol, Raid

Designed as a hybrid of Sith and Imperial technology during Darth Krayt's rule over the Empire the, constructed under the project name “Sith-Imperial Starfighter” it is among the most advanced Starfighters in the galaxy. Officially named the Supremacy-class Starfighter by modern Sith as a reference to an old starfighter and general Sith dogma.

The Starfighter is superbly maneuverable and heavily armed, able to seek out and destroy most other starfighters with ease and more so if piloted by Sith. It is armed with four wing-tip laser cannons and a proton torpedo missile launcher. It is also equipped with hyperdrives and a powerful deflector shield generated through its blade-shaped wings.

Neutralizer-class Bomber
Role: Assault, Defence, Raid

The Neutralizer-class fighter was a multi-purpose bomber, in use by the Galactic Empire. Developed by Sienar Fleet Systems' engineers by adapting the designs of their Predator-class fighter, the Neutralizer was larger, bulkier, and less agile than the Predator. Featuring impressive shields for a fighter of its size, the ship was also nimble for a bomber and was capable of reaching speeds of 1,500 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. The bomber was also equipped with a Class 1.0 hyperdrive, and a navicomputer for interstellar travel.

The Neutralizer had space for one pilot, and it was outfitted with two medium laser cannons and a proton torpedo launcher that could fire its complement of 10 proton torpedoes. The bomber was also able to hold a week's worth of consumables and supported up to 110 kilograms of cargo.

TIE Terminator-class Starfighter
Role: Fighter, Bomber, Assault, Defense, Interception, Escort

Designed by Sienar Fleet Systems as a counter to the Federation Crossfire and as a superior descendant to the failed TIE Aggressor and taking notes from the Incom Y-wing along way. The Twin Ion Engine/terminator-class Starfighter hybrid, shortened to TIE/T Terminator-class or simply TIE Terminator, incorporates heavy offensive firepower of a fighter and maintains the versatility to engage bigger targets like a bomber. It has four laser cannons inspired by the venerable X-wing but improved in every way using superior Imperial technology, the lasers are capable of advanced firing modes. For bigger targets the Terminator has a single bomb bay which can carry four proton bombs, less than a TIE Neutralizer but enough to crack smaller warships. The payload of the bomb bay can be exchanged to twenty concussion missiles for dogfights.

Its greatest advantage is the single light tractor beam. Although not powerful enough to stop similar-sized craft it can slow them down significantly allowing a Terminator to take out a target with incredible ease. The Terminator has a great defense rating at the cost of its speed with a superb hull and shields. To give it added protection the Terminator also has a tail gunner armed with twin lasers to fend off chasers.

*Outdated units have been upgraded to meet the requirements of the modern battlefield, others have proven so effective designs that even centuries later, they are still a force to be feared.*

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