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In this update we want to inform you all upon our current progress.

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The current article update focuses on our newest additions. Fully detailed and realistic battlefields.

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It is a known fact that over 10,300, people have lost their lives in ukraine over the past 3 1/2 years. The conflict has affected many people in many areas of ukraine, to accurately display the regions that have been affected we have done immense research on the areas that have seen combat, using our information gained by locals,tour guides,local history and even satellite imagery we are confident to provide you with REALISTIC and BALANCED maps.

Here we will show you our progress on our battlefield research project.

Donetsk int. Airport

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UKR Training ground

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YASYNUVATA Train Station (South avdiivka)

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Black Sea Coast


Mariupol Winter

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City of Mariupol

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Donbass Rails

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These are just some of our amazing maps done by our amazing mapping artists, We have dozens more fully fleshed maps ready for you to explode.

Other maps we have.

  • Sloviansk (WIP)
  • Niva lower
  • Niva higher
  • Avdiivka route
  • Avdiivka winter push
  • Avdiivka MSR
  • Dubovka
  • Luhansk border base
  • Savur Mohyla
  • Chernobyl (WIP)

Now with this current update keeping you all informed upon our battlefield research project, (maps) Our next update should be alot more "FLY" if you get the meaning.

We truly appreciate all of the support and suggestions received and hope that soon, very soon we will be able to share this amazing experience with the community and the world.It has been a wild ride and we are nowhere near bored, we actually hope for more wildness.The BLUE DAWN MODDING GROUP wants to thank you all and remind you that you can achieve anything if you put effort and thought into it.Sincerely Miles & Viper. :)

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DJ-Flets - - 147 comments

Maps are looking great team! Keep up the fantastic work!

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.Miles. Author
.Miles. - - 269 comments

We appreciate the love!

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CaptainBlackadder - - 15 comments

These look amazing. Great work :)

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.Miles. Author
.Miles. - - 269 comments

Thanks! there will be more to come in the near future.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 689,121 comments

How can i download this ?

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.Miles. Author
.Miles. - - 269 comments

It is not released yet and will only be released on steam workshop

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Gladiator14 - - 287 comments


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hikkau - - 52 comments

Is the DIA from WttF?

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.Miles. Author
.Miles. - - 269 comments

the terminal itself was ported piece by piece from wtf to our own map and changed to support gameplay.

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Guest - - 689,121 comments


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