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ProHunter has talked with Silverlan about the "ask us" event and he answered some questions that has been asked by users :P

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ProHunter has talked with Silverlan about the "ask us" event and he answered some questions that has been asked by users :P

Here is the Interview, the gamemodeinfo won't be updated on this website(, since we are switching to a new website,address and host (we will announce it early enough)

So the short info (the full answers can be read beneath this text, they contain more information, so ProHunter and Silverlan recommends reading them)

1. There will be a levelsystem and you gain "exp" by quests and hunting "monsters".

2. Silverlan is not entirely sure yet if the Hud will look like the one in fallout3, but currently it does.

3. The gamemode takes place on the map gm_aftermath or a modificated version of it.

4. There is only 1 quest (for now), Silverlan is developing the gamemode first and then he is going to add some quests, but yes there will be some quests.

5. There will be a trading system, you will be able to trade with Npcs and Players.

6. Silverlan can't promise that the gamemode releases this year, but he hopes that he can release a public beta at the end of this year.

7. There will be a Modelpack for download available, either you wouldn't be able to play the gamemode then :P

8. You have only 1 Playermodels, but you can wear different stuff(armorparts) liek in fallout 3.

9. The gamemode will be in First and Third person, you can switch between them.

10. The gamemode includes some Elements of Oblivion, dark messiah, mass effect and sin episodes: emergency.

The full answers from Silverlan:

1. Are you going to add a level-system? If yes how do you earn experience points?
There are two main ways to gain experience: Quests and generally just killing enemies.
The amount of experience you gain from killing enemies depends on several different factors:
First of all, it depends on the difference of your level and the enemy's level. If you have a lower level than your enemy, you will get more experience, however you will also deal less damage.
On the contrary, if you have a higher level, you will get less experience, but you deal a lot more damage.

Secondly, it depends on the amount of damage you have dealt to the enemy. Just killing an enemy doesn't mean you'll get the full amount of experience.
If you deal 50% of damage to an enemy, and another player finishes the job, both you and the other player will only get half of the experience you would normally get if you killed the enemy all by your own.

The experience system for companions works mostly the same, except they need less experience to advance in level.

2. Is the Hud going to look like the Fallout3 one?

I'm not entirely sure yet if I will keep it this way, but for now it looks like the HUD from fallout 3.

3. On which map takes the gamemode place?

A modified and possibly extended version of gm_atomic.

4. Will be there quests?
So far there is only one quest. I'm currently working on finishing the basic gameplay, once that is out of the way I will focus on creating more quests. At this point, however, I cannot say what the quests will be like and whether there will be a main quest-line, etc.

5. Will be there a trading system?
A trading system is already implemented, you can trade with both merchands and other players.

6. does the gamemode realease this year?
I wish I could answer this question, but I really don't know. I'm not going to predict a release date, because I'm usually way off with those.
I hope that I can at least start the public beta-testing this year though.

7. Are you releasing a modelpack containing all these npcs for public?

Sure, without them you wouldn't be able to play the gamemode

8. Which playermodels will be available(enclave or only hl2 models...)?

There is only one basic playermodel, but you can wear whatever you want, just like in fallout 3. That means you can wear the brotherhood armor together with a hat, or the combat armor together with an enclave helmet. Given that you have the items of course.

9. Will it be third or first person?
Both. You can change between first and third person the same way you can in fallout 3. (Using the scroll wheel)

10. Is it true, that the gamemode includes some elements of Oblivion? if yes which ones?

Yes, so far there's a melee system which is similar to the one from oblivion (Only swords and daggers so far; Hand-To-Hand combat is not implemented yet), as well as some NPCs. (e.g. Mud Crab)
If I can fix the oblivion bow animations, I will add an archery system too.
There are also some elements from other games like dark messiah, mass effect and sin episodes: emergency, although mostly NPCs.

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