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The hard but true end of the Half-Life 2 - Own Life mod.

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Well guys,
it's the end of this Mod for now... I won't develope it anymore.
I've spended enought time in it to say that i don't want this anymore.
Nobody want to keep this alive...
I've asked alot of people made about 7 Topics.

If i find a modeler or someone contact me for a job as modeler , then I'll continue my work in this project. For now it's "FAILED."


SourHyperion1 - - 860 comments

All i can say is: What the ****. Don't quit because of a lack of modelers. That's Probably the one reason you NEVER give up! Put part aside and continue!

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Omegakill - - 367 comments

You cant expect the guy to carry on by himself, he probably got a full time job/school/college/uni, friends and family just like everyone else. I hope you find someone to help you soon as this was looking to be a very promissing project.

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Me.hungry - - 154 comments

Thanks for f*cking all my hopes and dreams up the A$$....

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Deathace13 - - 196 comments

Don't quit D:

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Shriden - - 120 comments


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rocketmanj2 - - 49 comments

someone should take over i cant i have no editing xp or equipment

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Roogan004 - - 146 comments

Not to be a jerk or anything, but I think its safe to say you just srsly failed.

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