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"Over the mountain, the ominous cloud coming to cover the land in a shroud, hide in a bushel, a basement, a cave, but when cloud comes a-huntin', No one's a save... no, safe!" This is to be the biggest Adventure Time fan fiction in all of existence. You read that right? FAN FICTION. This is not an attempt to infringe upon anyone's rights, but merely a show of interest in the series. Relax, and enjoy the ble-blobin' thing.

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We plan on including a wide variety of characters ranging from the Mushroom war and Before the Great war. Simon and Marceline are most likely going to be in the Episode and I find it possible we will be a small Series of Episodes.

We aim towards recreating the world Before , During and After the Great mushroom War. We plan on researching and finding out information possible to be put into the Episode. We will try to explain and discover how it may have started and how it may have led up to it. We are going to do our homework and make sure we draft down and important and unimportant information.

We will try to find out who is the enemy and who is fighting. It seems likely that the US and the USSR or any other army for that matter during the War.

I hope you enjoy our Project and stay with us for as long as we go. Have a Good Time!


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