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This article goes into detail of the German super weapons in Wunderwaffe.

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German Reich

The German super weapons

The war against the Soviet Union is failing, if the red army do not fall soon then Germany will be unable to fully defend western Europe. Its time to release the Wunderwaffes. Germany's Wunderwaffe tree covers two areas, ground and air, each area providing war changing technologies.


Horten Class Jets

The air section of the tech tree provides Germany with the Horten class fighter and strategic bomber. These advanced Jet aircraft are not only fitted with the latest technology, but they also follow new innovative designs that allow them to avoid enemy radar

Horten 229

Horten 229

Horten XVIII

Horten XVII

Die Glocke MK2

A joint effort by the Luftwaffe and the Wehrmacht to get the already devastating Die Glocke into the air using the power of zero gravity. This is the ultimate German weapon.


landkreuzer p. class super tanks

The landkreuzer will halt to Soviet counter attacks and push back into the Union. With this, Germany may be able to try a Kirks 2.0! There are two types of LandKreuzer Tank, the Super Tank and the Artillery version (p. 1500 monster). Although the Monster is researched after the Ratte, they are separate units and one does not upgrade to the other.

Landkreuzer p.1000 ratte

landkreuzer p. 1000 ratte

M.Leo - - 223 comments

Nice, keep up the good work.

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Armilus - - 56 comments

What about the V2?
Vergeltungswaffe 2, you know. The first long-range ballistic weapon.
It could have a range from Berlin to London and be launched from any occupied territory that has a launch platform as well as from ships.
And once the Nuke is developed, it could be upgraded to carry one and give the German Reich the advantage of nuking the enemy regardless of air superiority.
Also, if the Reich is defeated while possessing the V2 technology, the faction/ the nations that do so gain access to intercontinental missiles and the technology to send someone to the moon...

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_Kgboi Author
_Kgboi - - 83 comments

The V2 and other rockets are already in the game, and although the Horten is as well, it is only a plane with generic default values (that all other planes share). Adding the ability to use missiles for nuclear launches are something I would like to do, however I have heard from numerous people that allot of the nuke stuff is hard-coded. Also, the mod is supposed to be somewhat believable, however I am thinking of adding a submod that opens up the ability for German to go wild (moon bases, super soldiers, huge mechanized robots).

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Armilus - - 56 comments

That would be awesome!
Send me a link to it when you do that!

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