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My future plans, ideas, and current progress on the maps.

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Hello there,

This mappack is a collective of maps that I have created that will "Expand" the galaxy for this game. Two of the three maps you see in the images are a WIP (Work in progress) and might be in development for quite some time. My goal for this project is to add content that I felt the game needed. This mod will include content from the KOTOR/Old Republic era all the way up to the end of the Galactic Civil War. So far I plan to add a total 6 maps but that could very well change in the future. The current progress and Maps will be listed in order from which I am currently focused on (Top), and which I'm not (Bottom):

Naboo: Separatist Offensive - 10% Complete

20190828163507 1

Hoth: Imperial Domination - 5% Complete

20190828163713 1 1

Battle of Geonosis - 90% Complete

20190827162147 1

Battle of Dantooine (Kotor) - 0% Complete

Coruscant: City Core (Kotor) 0% Complete

Tatooine: Lost Village - 0% Complete

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