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Info on the G key and your save files. Blah blah blah blah.

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Hello! I suppose most of you have found out by now, and if not, here you go: Pressing the G key on the menu levels you up instantly.

I left that in for debugging and appeared to have forgotten to take it out! Oopsy doops. So if you'd like to try every weapon in the game thus far, feel free to mash that G key like its going out of style.

This leads to bad news: Whenever the next version is out, your save file will now be wiped. Sorry! Any save file that was generated with version 0.1.2 or earlier will now be wiped in future version releases. I thought about making a save file converter to download, however I like to keep a storage of past versions available, so there wouldn't be much to stop people leveling in 0.1.2 then using the converter.

I will schedule Gather #2 soon, maybe before Christmas so people can get in on it for Christmas break. I'm trying to make some big decisions for this game, so I have no idea when the new version will be out. But I am still working on it. I have remade all 3 old maps, and have created 1 new one. There are also 2 more weapons! But it's a big mystery. Oooooo. Anyways, bye

- Spasman

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