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The Geeks United Team comes forward one final time to their loyal fans and updates them on the situation at hand.

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Regrettably, I, ScottofNorth, and H4mmerPerson never posted about our final status with our projects. What's going to happen to all the things we've done? Easy. Release them, even if they are in their raw format. How soon? As soon as I can get the files myself (If they are still existent, that is).

But what's going to happen to Welcome Back? And why did we always talk about Golden Sulfur? And what caused this project to cease?

H4mmerPerson may choose himself to come around and start up this project. But I guarentee I'll still be doing it. Maybe not full length games or mods per se at first, but I'm still getting the hang of Source SDK for not using it myself for some years. I'll be sure to post on my own user group the things I've done.

H4mmerPerson and I are still great friends. However, I moved some distance away, and continuing on our project back in the day was much harder than we could've realized. Plus, when we started, we were mere junior high students, and now, we're adults! What a crazy world.

At any rate, I'll post a link after I get this squared away towards my new group, and if you'd like, you can give me some healthy feedback!

And so, the last paragraph shall now be written:

Have a good one! Think with Portals! Burn Life's house down with the lemons!

~ ScottoNorth, 11-2017

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