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An outline of the development of the Rising Sun mod including its past, the plans for the future and news about a possible Pre Alpha release.

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Rising Sun

Originally I created this mod for myself because no Boshin War mods existed for Mount & Blade Warband and I was keen to blast away Samurai with revolvers and rapid firing rifles, but as the topic has proven popular and since the idea worked well I have decided to release its existence to the public.

However because I created it for myself I had only focused on the Satsuma, Choshu, Tosa Domains and only recently the Shogunate forces and there is much work to be done creating troops, npcs and factions. Almost all of the lords and knights need to be redone and many of the factions need to be remade. That said the most has seen considerable progress since its creation in 2015 after I considered releasing and most of the content is already available

Pre Alpha Release

I am thinking of releasing an Alpha or Pre Alpha version of the mod soonish depending on how playable I can make it. The mod plays similarly to Gekokujo only a lot more asymmetrical and obviously will differ from Gekokujo in the combat aspect as the time period means that accurate fast firing firearms are the common armament of most soldiers. There will be less focus on armour and more on weapon effectiveness as a Samurai Armour and Robes will be equally useless against a .58 Caliber Minie Ball. If an Alpha was to be released almost all of the lords and some factions would be unchanged from Gekokujo and the Alpha would not be compatible with future version due to the likely addition of many more models and textures.

Feedback and Ideas

If you have any ideas or feedback (negative or positive) of the modification be sure to comment it or get it out there I will almost definitely read it.

Dead Mod Concerns, Will this mod die?

No doubt some of you may worry that this project will die and there will never be a Boshin War mod for Mount & Blade: Warband, but fear not. Most likely I will continue work on this mod until at least a proper Boshin War experience is attained.

However in the event I don't I will release whatever exists as Rising Sun for the community to access and perhaps continue if they so desire however at the moment it is unlikely that will happen.

Plans for the Future (at the moment)

I plan for this mod to have fully completed factions and troops for a proper Boshin War experience. At the moment this mod is Singleplayer only however in the future it is possible for Multiplayer to be added. I attempt to stay realistic in the goals of this mod and not try and do something outlandish yet like promise to add a Gatling Gun or you know, Korea or the entire Qing China Mainland as a faction. I aim for this mod to simulate in some way 1860s tactics and the Bakumatsu warfare. Naval battles may become a possibility, but at the moment I have no idea.


I plan to update this as much as possible as I know how painful it is to wait 8 months between news and updates for a mod so no worries there.

So thats is...... Thanks for all your support and have a good one boys and girls :)


So good! :D

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If I can make a suggestion however, perhaps forgo the pre-Alpha entirely maybe? While it might be useful in ironing out some early bugs, you could assemble a group of testers to do that. I find that mods, particularly those for M&B often get stuck in those early developmental stages and while it is clear that you've been working on this for sometime, I feel that if you where to give us a full Aplha, or even a Beta release, with more and certainly completed content I feel there would be far more interest in the product it self then at this stage.

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iwill wait for this

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