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Basically a rough coverage of the forth level and content included, also what could be up-and-coming in other levels, also the demo is creeping closer day by day! so keep following this mod as the first 50 followers will be able to play the demo first :)

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OK, so first off I would love to say that the forth level is finished after over two weeks put on hold, it has finally been finished. The latest screenshots have been uploaded by myself for you're please to view. I have added new features into the forth level such as the first of many antlion guards that will come in the mod, especially during the second boss level later, more antlions and the first sight of foliage and greenery in the mod when you travel to the surface in the forth level.

I have had a thought about other levels and I will mention the chapters in order and briefly explain what they will include:

-And So The Blackness Consumes
The entry level and the first three levels of the mod

The forth sixth and seventh levels are included in this chapter on you're way to storage

-Unpredicted Decent
The eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth levels will be include where things take a turn for the worst and you plummet into the antlion's territory and the older areas of the mines.

-Claustrophobia Is Not An Option
The thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth levels are all in this chapter, on the way to the generator to prevent complete shut-down.

-The Surface Holds No Ghosts
The seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth levels are all in this chapter where you reach the surface and a fierce confrontation commences.

To all those who have followed my mod so far, I thank you, and you will be rewarded for doing so! When the demo is slowly but surely finished, you guys will get to play it first! but unfortunately without all the awesome custom models, weapons or bosses, only the levels :'(.
But hang on in there! As we will get this mod finished! the first chapter out of five is finished, ready for beta testing! So keep believing! :D

Thank you!

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