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This week on The Forgettable Dungeon, physics? Sleeping in beds? Should this really be considered an achievement. We'll tell you all and more after the break.

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I HAVE GIFS, lots of gifs because I forgot to post last week...

Intro animation & statue-ification.

The statues are going to be used as markers for where you died last, and possibly in other mysterious ways!


Sleeping in beds and cheevos!

Monsters and players can now sleep in beds, in fact you even spawn now in a nice cozy bed. Does it really do anything? No! but think of how comfortable they are.

I started integrating the steam sdk, this may not appear much but just getting the sdk to function was a pretty exciting moment.



I greatly improved the way you can interact the pixel physics, they now can be moved around by your player and explosions as well.



Snake boss movement


Progress is coming along nicely, if all goes well I'm hoping to start a kickstarter next month keep an eye out for details.

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