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Take a look at the current state of indie tactical game Frozen Synapse, and consider voting for us in the ModDB Awards...

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It seems that my last news post got lost in a great snowdrift of other news that came out at the same time! Indie games and mods are just as competitive as the mainstream industry - hell, I'm sure you guys know that.

Anyway, last time I wrote an impassioned plee for your vote in the ModDB Awards, so please go here and read if you missed that one. We really need your support.

We also unveiled our new epic multiplayer game mode (Campaign), and a bunch of other things. Seriously, I'm not allowed to re-type all of that stuff here but it will excite you.

If you'd like to vote now, please just go to our page, sign in and hit the big obvious button to vote.

I promised you some raw gameplay footage and I'd really like your feedback on this - it's going to form the basis of our first teaser trailer which will go out to all the big news sites soon. Do you think we need to explain it more, do you like it, is there anything you think is confusing or weird-looking that shouldn't be shown? I need your help. Anyway (drumroll) here's the vid:

I'll be back super soon with another episode of our podcast Visiting the Village and other things for you to drool over, but I'll leave you with that video for now. Take care.

Have a good Christmas and I'll see you all soon! Remember to go here if you want to vote.

(This button will take you straight to our IRC chat room where you can talk live with the developers of Frozen Synapse!)

(Please track our updates! We try to make each one as amusing and informative as possible. Remember, don't click this button if you are already tracking - it will make you stop tracking! This is the opposite of what we want!)

(If you join our mailing list, we will use it only to send you important Frozen Synapse and Mode 7 Games updates. These will be very infrequent and guaranteed to be interesting! We will never, ever give or sell your precious juicy email to any naughty people - promise).


Those shots from the angles make this awesome :D

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Mode7Games Author

We like angles!

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