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I cover the release details and what is of Augustines future.

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Well I would first like to state, if you haven't picked up Augustine's first beta release, I highly recommend you do!


Well now that Augustine is on the table, what is left to do?
There is actually lots to do not only on the Multiplayer side, but the campaign side.

Here is a short to-do list that needs to be accomplished before the next release.

-Finish Forge completeley(GUI, more objects, saving/loading, smooth controls, physics, object properties, etc.)
-Add in king of the hill
-Take out Halo covenant weapons like the Plasma pistol and plasma repeater
-Add in all new incondite weapons
-Finish all animations for human weapons, and add in more
-Add in more grenades
-More custom game variant options
-Server browser
-Covert all models to IQM(smoother animations, better graphics, unlockable armor)
-Add in vehicular system
-Add all the contents from revamped_multiplayer.bat to Augustine.exe for ease

That's just a short to-do list before the next release, but if you just can't wait that long, then you can drop by the forums and get patches, which I foresee to be coming pretty quickly.

If you find any bugs, have any suggestions for the game, have some work you have created, drop by the forums and share it with the community!

A few notes:
-Forge in this release was NOT expected to be of any use. So don't get frustrated trying to play a game mode which was not even close to being finished.
-Skype for online play is your best friend
-This game is a beta, not a full release, so uncompleted stuff is clearly visible.

unknow5763 - - 905 comments

cool keep it up !

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Jukki - - 841 comments

Hey where is mah credits :( I uploaded the beta, i gived some ideas (evven some major story line ideas), suggested using darkplaces super features. Etc.

Heh, nice job mexi ;) i am sure agustine is going tp be awesome

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TheillusiveMan - - 75 comments

Hey Mexicouger, I have downloaded the beta but it does not work. Just freezes on load screen. I have waited about 20 minutes for it but nothing ever happens. Wondering if anyone could help me.

I did post this in the game's download page but no one responded and I really want to play this, so any help would be appreciated.

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TCPixel Author
TCPixel - - 637 comments

Did you click revamped_multiplayer.bat?

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DeviantGerman - - 159 comments

Don't forget the inclusion of an exclusive original character model separate of the Spartan design...whenever it gets completed, heh.

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