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The Marauders are the evil mutated humans that the CMC battle against while protecting whats left of Earth... Find out more about how they came to be, inside...

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"OverDose" started many years ago as a simple modification for "Quake II Evolved", our previous project. "Quake II Evolved" was a graphical source mod for "Quake 2" that updated the game to modern day standards. A new particle system, a new per pixel lighting system and various tweaks and improvements helped us to really get a hang of how the engine worked. "Quake II Evolved: OverDose" was a single and multiplayer game based in the "Quake 2" universe than would expand upon "Quake 2"'s gameplay and "Quake II Evolved's” enhancements. During the early days, a number of concept art was drawn up to show the universe and feel, the direction if you will, that we wanted to take "Quake II Evolved: OverDose" in:

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Alas, "Quake II Evolved: OverDose" was never meant to be. Work slowed to a crawl and we were much more interested in making new ideas rather than sticking to predefined ones. At this stage, we decided why not take our old ideas and base them in a separate universe? We could keep the same feel, but make it really our own game. That was when "OverDose" was born. At the time, we wanted to keep the same general feel as "Quake 2", so the plot revolved around an invading alien race who wanted Earth for its resources... i.e. Just like "Quake 2". It wasn't exactly original, but we went with it. Along the way, we started to get idea's for our invading enemy race know as the "Marauders". They started out very alien looking indeed, as you can see from this early concept shot:

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But again... It just wasn't right. We ditched "Quake 2"'s universe to make OverDose our own, but now we were using the same basic plot... It just wasn't right. So off to the drawing board I went, to try and find some new ideas that fit in with the overall design we wanted to stick with. The "aliens" were now gone in all but name, and instead we came up with a post apocalyptic Earth plot that saw mutated humans fighting against our own heroes for control of important locations on Earth. While its not exactly the most original idea in the world, its all down to the implementation we feel... And so OverDose, in its current form was born. But what about the Marauders? How would they look? Well, after many moons of designs or ideas, we finally came up with our final Marauder design:

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As you can see, the designs changed quite a lot over time but the main basic outline stayed the same... These things had to be evil in the most horrid possible way. They had to be everything we hated, everything we would never want to become, everything we were not.

Stay tuned to the ModDB OverDose section for more pic’s of the different classes of the Marauders, as well as a little more back story to these evil

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Interesting, seens a little like the new Rage game from Id, taking the mutents part of it; but I wanning to see what come up from you guys.

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i must admit, im really impressed with the work you have done

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