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Welcome to The Epic War, the mod is intended to improve the standard game developed by Paradox Interactive, bringing new decisions, focus trees and events, and bring a new interface.

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The Epic War (v3.0.1)


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The map was modified, bringing a darker and more adaptive coloration, added the mods (Better Political Map by Steffen) and (-RGFX Map Font by Arno).

A New Interface:

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As promised, the old interface is back, with new implementations and more themed for red - -orange - black - gray.


New decisions, modified generic decisions to give different variations of choices and decisions specific to certain countries, and will be implemented to all countries that have Focus Tree in the mod.

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Focus Tree:

The Mod brings many new Focus tree, and your photos are on the imgur:

Playables Colonies:

All colonies in both France and the United Kingdom are playable with the right to own Tree of Focus.

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External Mods that is in the mod:

Colored Events by CountTyme

Better Political Map by Steffen

-RGFX Map Font by Arno

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