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In this news post I Am tell you about the big changes

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Long time no see

Almost the year without update, my dear comrades. But not today. Today I want to start a new page.

What the changes?

This is general information just for you to know.

I prefer to change gameplay to something really unique and interesting. The End Game mod for now will be represent only defence missions. You can ask: - "And what's unique?"

The mission will be divided on two parts:

  • Get ready: The player can strengthen their positions with help of workers and engineer. Manage soldiers, set guns, cannons and build watchtowers.You can't build all at ones. You'll have to choose what to build or to place in a particular place.In thismode, the playerobservesa life outsideof battle.Workersunloadconvoysand machines.Recruitsaretrained on shooting range.Soldiersand civiliansdigging trenches.Engineerrepairingtanks, the people ​​communicate with each other, etc.

Otherwise, the concept of mod has not changed, you can find it in other news posts.
Also I decided to add a bit of satire and humour in mod. This is just a game, The End Game.
From time to time you'll watch the funny, and not much scenes from the life of your soldiers.

Thanks for your support!

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thats pretty nice idea. I like this peace before battle idea. And can u 5 - 6 main charahter with unique c charatistics and faces.. And i would like to helo you with mod if i can. I can map pretty well.. I think.

SS- gruppenfuhrer

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[killz] Author

For now mod has 3 characters (one for each doctrine). You will be able to see this guys in game. Thank you for feedback, comrade.

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No problem ;) So do u want help or you wanna finish this nby ur self

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[killz] Author

So far I need to finish my concepts. I contact with you latter.

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